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    Gas vs. Electric: Which Heating System Should You Choose?

    If your furnace has reached the end of its lifespan and you’re preparing to install a new heating system, you’re probably debating which home heating fuel to use. Should you go with a natural gas furnace or an electrical heating system? There many different factors to consider: installation costs, operating costs, efficiency and environmental impact. […]

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    April Fools

    “We can clean your ducts for $49!” “Mrs. Johnson, your house could burn down any second! This wiring is bad. You need us to fix it NOW!” “Yes, I have a license to do this work.” “Your HVAC equipment is 8 years old. You better start thinking about getting a new system.”

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    The Lowdown on Lightning

    Thunder, feel the thunder Lightning and the thunder Listen to the wise music lyrics of the Imagine Dragons and be reminded it is spring and with spring we get storms. Did you know that lightning strikes somewhere on Earth every second? Pretend you are a fulminologist (one who studies lightning) and spout a few fun […]

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    5 Ways to Win the Fight Against Flu Season

    It’s that season—flu and virus season. This year seems to be the year of all years. People are hanging on to viruses and unfortunately there have been (as of February 16th, 2018) 195 deaths due to the flu, and that’s in Indiana alone. Here are some ways that you can help create a healthier household […]

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    Flooding Is Always in Season

    Flooding is always in season. Cold winters that include snow, ice and rain are not only annoying when driving to the store to pick up bread, milk and beer (you know, the important stuff), but can be hard on your home. When all of the snow and ice start melting it needs somewhere to go. […]

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    Household Resolutions

    The New Year brings the promise of resolutions and new ways of doing things. Some people want to lose weight; others want to become more fiscally responsible. Godby has some resolutions to help you become more responsible around your home.

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    WTH Does That Mean?

    In every business there are terms or acronyms that are used. They are meant to make things easier, but when you are an outsider to the business it can be a little confusing at times. Not sure what in the world HVAC, AC and HVACR mean? Don’t just nod like you know; instead, read on […]

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    Equipment Hide and Seek

    In a world full of Pinterest, DIY shows and websites like Houzz, it’s hard not to want to make every square inch of your home look its best. We know that a furnace or water heater may not go with your decorating, but they are pretty darn important. But what if they happen to be […]

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    Don’t Let Your Lights Go Out When the Lights Go Out!

    With hurricanes and storms battering the US, losing power is at the forefront of our minds. Although it is highly unlikely for Indiana to get a hurricane, we get our fair share of dangerous storms and tornadoes. Just this past year, Indiana suffered regular power outages due to snowstorms, thunderstorms and tornadoes. Will your family be […]

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    5 Reasons To Flush Your Water Heater

    5 Reasons To Flush Your Water Heater Just like any other piece of equipment, your water heater needs regular maintenance. Many homeowners do not take the time to flush their water heaters once a year even though most manufacturers recommend doing at least a partial flush about once a month. Here are 5 reason to […]

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