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Storm Surge

August 31, 2023
Home with Raining Storm Water Coming Out of Gutters
Storms come in many shapes and sizes, but what is consistent with storms is the havoc they can wreak. No matter the season, Indiana is sure to have some sort of storm. The outcomes are often flooding, power outages, and electrical malfunctions. Continue Reading

Three Trades, One Team

June 16, 2023
Godby Heating, Plumbing, Electrical can help your home needs and make life easier. We keep your home updated, safe, comfortable, and smart. Continue Reading

April Fools, What To Look For In A HVAC Company

March 30, 2018
“We can clean your ducts for $49!” “Mrs. Johnson, your house could burn down any second! This wiring is bad. You need us to fix it NOW!” “Yes, I have a license to do this work.” “Your HVAC equipment is 8 years old. You better start thinking about getting a new system.” Continue Reading

The Lowdown on Lightning

March 28, 2018
Thunder, feel the thunderLightning and the thunder What’s the lowdown on lighting. Listen to the wise music lyrics of the Imagine Dragons and be reminded it is spring and with spring we get storms. Did you know that lightning strikes somewhere on Earth every second? Pretend you are a fulminologist (one who studies lightning) and… Continue Reading

Flooding Is Always in Season

January 12, 2018
Flooding is always in season. Cold winters that include snow, ice and rain are not only annoying when driving to the store to pick up bread, milk and beer (you know, the important stuff), but can be hard on your home. When all of the snow and ice start melting it needs somewhere to go.… Continue Reading

Household Resolutions for Homeowners

December 27, 2017
The New Year brings the promise of resolutions and new ways of doing things. Some people want to lose weight; others want to become more fiscally responsible. Godby has some resolutions to help you become more responsible around your home. Continue Reading

5 Reasons To Flush Your Water Heater

September 7, 2017
Just like any other piece of equipment, your water heater needs regular maintenance. Many homeowners do not take the time to flush their water heaters once a year even though most manufacturers recommend doing at least a partial flush about once a month. Here are 5 reason to flush your water heater on a regular… Continue Reading

Why Are My Lights Flickering?

February 12, 2016
Why are my lights flickering? The source of a light flickering can be as benign as a bad bulb or as serious as needing service on your main electrical panel. Before you call Godby for electrical service, read on to try and determine the source of your flickering lights. Let’s narrow the problem down to… Continue Reading

Heat Pump Problems

October 12, 2015
A heat pump can be an efficient and economical addition to your HVAC system, but at some point you might need some help troubleshooting problems. Godby is here to help! We have listed some of the most common problems we hear from customers and have offered some tips for checking out the system before you… Continue Reading

How Important Are Water Softeners?

September 21, 2015
Water is pretty darn important. Heck, we need it to survive! But, living in Indiana, we all run into the same problem- hard water. In Indiana, with the large amount of limestone in our state, our main problem is the amount of calcium and magnesium that is in our soil. While water is in the… Continue Reading

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

September 14, 2015
Curious about heat pumps, but you just aren’t sure how they work? Let Godby simplify what they are all about. We all know that heating and cooling your home is one of your largest expenses. If you have an electric furnace, a heat pump is a great way to reduce your cost. OK, let’s get… Continue Reading

What Is A Programmable Thermostat?

September 10, 2015
You are sitting in a meeting at work when suddenly you remember that you forgot to turn down the thermostat. That thing is going to be telling your AC to blast cold air even though no one is there. What a waste! If you had a programmable thermostat, this wouldn’t be a problem. A programmable… Continue Reading

Can You Repair a Sump Pump?

August 31, 2015
We were battered with storms this year and our sump pumps had to work overtime to keep up. If yours stopped working, you are probably wondering if it can just be repaired or if it just needs to be replaced. There are a few things that you can check if it isn’t working properly. “The… Continue Reading

Need A New Water Heater? Considering Tankless?

August 3, 2015
You have a house full of teenagers that don’t seem to understand the meaning of a quick shower. Between sports, workouts, swimming and sweaty household members, you are constantly running a load of laundry. Top that off with the dishwasher loads, you are using a lot of hot water. Now, you are about to have… Continue Reading