Storm Surge

Home with Raining Storm Water Coming Out of Gutters

Storms come in many shapes and sizes, but what is consistent with storms is the havoc they can wreak. No matter the season, Indiana is sure to have some sort of storm. The outcomes are often flooding, power outages, and electrical malfunctions. No matter what Mother Nature throws your way, Godby has something to help combat it. 

Sump Pump

Rain and snow melt bring flooding and a high water table. This means your sump pump will be working overtime. Do you have any idea how old your sump pump is? Have you tested it lately to make sure it is doing what it is supposed to? We know it is one of those things you don’t give a second thought to. That is why I am here to remind you, before you REALLY need it, to make sure it is working. Also, do you have a battery backup for your sump pump? What happens if your power goes out during a storm? A sump pump needs power to do its job. With a battery backup, it can switch to the backup battery power should you need it. That thing can keep pumping out water even when the power is out!

Water Leak Detectors

Your sump pump is usually located in a basement storage or utility room and the sump pump is usually something that tends to be ignored. (Pooooor sump pump.) How long will it take you to notice that your sump pump failed? If you have a water leak detector you have an extra layer of security against water leaks. A water leak detector can simply be audible, meaning that when it detects a water leak a LOUD alarm goes off letting you know of the leak. Depending on where the audible water leak detector is, could determine how long it takes to discover the leak. For example, if your water leak detector is in your basement and you are hanging out on your third floor, you may not hear it until you are closer to it. (Take it from someone this happened to.) If you have music on or are listening to your favorite podcast, it will probably be a while before you discover the leak. Fear not loyal smart device users! There are also water leak detectors that integrate with your smart device. Not only will you hear an audible noise within your home, but you will receive a notification on your smartphone about the leak. This can work for a sump pump malfunction, water heater or HVAC leak or a burst pipe. The alert with either of the detectors will depend on where they are placed and where your leak is. It is best to have multiple detectors in your most vulnerable areas. 

Surge Protectors

Thunderstorms and tornados are regular weather occurrences for Hoosiers. Ice and snow are fairly standard for an Indiana winter as well. No matter the season, there are many chances for your electronics and your HVAC system to get zapped and for complete power outages. Surge protectors are great insurance for your HVAC system. A surge protector diverts excess electricity away from your system. Your HVAC system can be receiving small surges at any time, and you may not even know it. Even minor surges can have a lasting impact on your system. Large surges, like the ones caused by lightning, blown transformers, and downed power lines tend to wear down the compressor, damage the capacitor, fry the circuit board, or kill your system completely. All are expensive fixes when there is a simple fix. 


Power outages can seem romantic- sitting by a fire, drinking some wine, snuggled together to keep warm—but this ain’t the Hallmark channel. In real life you are looking at crying children and annoyed teenagers, cell phones that can’t be charged, dead batteries in the one flashlight you could find and food spoiling in your refrigerator and freezer. Not to mention, if you work from home, no work is getting done. To top it off you have no idea when power will be restored. 

When you lose power in your home life gets interrupted. You are at the mercy of the workers on the line trying to get power up and running. Take back the power (pun intended) with a whole home generator. Godby can come assess your family’s and your home’s needs and determine what size generator you will need. Some may simply want to keep the basics up and running where others may want the whole gamut lit up and working. Either way, Godby can make sure your power priorities are met. Godby can install, repair and maintain your whole home generator. 

A whole home generator is permanently installed outside your house (like an AC unit) and comes on automatically when the power goes out. The generator connects to your home’s natural gas or liquid propane system so there are no extension cords and no refueling with gasoline, like the big box store generators, just backup power when you need it whether you are home or away. And yes, when your home’s power goes back on, your generator powers off.

Don’t let storms rule your world and cause nightmare situations that are easily avoidable. Whether you are looking for solutions for your HVAC, plumbing, or electrical needs, Godby can do it all—we are three trades, one team! Call us now to find out how Godby can best serve you!

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