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Heat Pump Problems

A heat pump can be an efficient and economical addition to your HVAC system, but at some point you might need some help troubleshooting problems. Godby is here to help! We have listed some of the most common problems we hear from customers and have offered some tips for checking out the system before you call Godby HPE.

My heat pump is not running.

If your heat pump is not running, it is likely to be one of two problems: the thermostat or the heat pump is not receiving power.

Let’s start with the power. The circuit breakers that power your heat pump may have been tripped. Go to your main electrical panel and see if the circuit has been tripped. If it has, turn the switch all the way to the off position and then back on. If your heat pump begins running, you’ve solved the problem. If the circuit breaker trips again, you need to call Godby HPE and get technician out to check the problem.

Some heat pumps may have a power switch either on the unit, on a nearby wall or even inside the air handler cabinet. If your unit has this type of switch, look to see that it is turned on. If it was off for some reason, turn it back on, wait a few minutes to make sure that it starts running.

The other possibility is the thermostat. Make sure that your thermostat is set to the proper setting. If you want heat, it needs to be set on heat and to the temperature that you want your home to be. Did you get a new thermostat recently? Heat pumps require a certain type of thermostat. Make sure that you have the correct type of thermostat and that it is wired correctly. Not sure? Call Godby to have a technician to check it out.

The fan isn’t working on my heat pump.

First, check your thermostat. Is the fan switch on? If it is on, switch the fan to OFF or AUTO. If it is already correctly positioned on either OFF or AUTO and is not working, call for a technician.

If the motor is running but the fan isn’t moving air, again, your best bet is to call Godby and have someone come out and look at it.

My heat pump is turning on and off too frequently.

If your heat pump is cycling incorrectly, your unit may be overheating due to a clogged filter. Check your filter and clean or replace it. Your filter usually needs to be cleaned or changed monthly.

If this isn’t the culprit, your blower may be malfunctioning and a faulty thermostat may cause this. Either way, you will need to call a technician.

My heat pump is making strange noises.

Strange noises are never good. If you hear grinding or squealing noises, shut the unit off immediately and call Godby HPE. The best guess is that your motor bearings are shot.

If you simply hearing rattling noises when your heat pump is running, it could be a simple fix. Head to your unit and make sure that all of the cover panels are screwed on tightly.

Your heating system usually has metal ducting and the ducts can make all sorts of noises: banging, popping, and creaking. Most of the time this is minimal and is caused by your metal ductwork expanding when hot air is being pushed into a cold duct. Having your ductwork wrapped with insulation can filter out most of this noise. In some cases, you may hear whistling caused by excessive airflow. Sometimes, pressure differences between the supply and return ducts can move the walls in and out. This results in a rumbling sound, which is sometimes called “oil-canning.” If you are still unsure about the noises you hear, call a technician in to check them out for you.

My heat pump isn’t heating correctly.

The air that is discharged by a heat pump will be hot, usually in the upper 90° range. Sometimes people think it feels cooler. This is because your body temperature is at 98.6° and even if your heat pump is pushing out air that is 97°, it feels cool.

Make sure your thermostat is set properly. If it is, raise the temperature about 5°, wait a few minutes and see if there is a difference. Are your registers open? Sometimes they can get shut accidently while moving furniture or from children or animals. Check your filter for your heat pump. If it is dirty, clean or replace it.

If none of these fixes are helping out, call Godby HPE. We will have a trained technician come to your home, never a salesman dressed as a technician, like other companies do. For all of your heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical needs, call the name you can trust and remember, It’s Gotta be Godby!




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