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Can You Repair a Sump Pump?

We were battered with storms this year and our sump pumps had to work overtime to keep up. If yours stopped working, you are probably wondering if it can just be repaired or if it just needs to be replaced. There are a few things that you can check if it isn’t working properly.

The float switch is not being raised high enough.”  Check to see if the float ball is stuck on something, if so; remove whatever is in its way. Maybe you need to reposition the sump pump or possibly remount the switch to a new position so it won’t get stuck. Also, maybe the water level is not high enough to engage the switch. To test the switch, raise the float manually or add water until the float is at activation height. The switch may also be faulty.

“I don’t think my sump pump is receiving enough power.”  First, check the outlet it is plugged into to make sure it has power. If not, replace the fuse or reset the breaker in your home’s fuse/breaker box. Next, you really should not be using one, but if you are using an extension cord, try plugging the sump pump directly into an outlet without using an extension cord. If you have to use an extension cord, make sure that it is made of a heavy enough gauge wire to support the length of cord and horsepower of the sump pump that you are using. Maybe your outlet does not have enough power to it. A sump pump should be plugged into an outlet that is fed by its own circuit breaker or fuse. If not, then you need to get this done.  Godby can send out an electrician to make sure you have an outlet where it needs to be and has the power your sump pump needs. You should also have a back up battery sump pump for your sump pump. If the power goes out during a storm, the battery back up will take over the job, insuring that the water is pumped out of your house.

“The pump is running, but the water isn’t draining out.” You may have debris clogging your discharge line. This debris will need to be removed in order for the water to exit. Also, make sure that is protected so it won’t freeze. It could also mean that you do not have the proper size sump pump for your home. A sump pump that is too small will not adequately pump out the water that you need it to. This could also mean the impeller has disengaged from the pump shaft or the check valve is installed backwards. All good things to check.

Honestly, if you are having an issue with your sump pump, most of the time it simply means that your sump pump’s life is over. They are built to work hard when they need to, but they will eventually fail. The average life of a sump pump is 10 years and most of the time what fails is the switch. Your best bet is to simply replace the sump pump.

When it is time to replace your sump pump, make sure that you get the correct size for your home and get a battery back up sump pump. These two machines could be the difference between a dry home and a home flooded with hundreds of gallons of water.

Godby only uses quality products.  When it comes to sump pumps, Godby trusts Zoeller Pump Company. Call the name you can trust, Call Godby.




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