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Who doesn’t want peace of mind when it comes to your home? We all do… so join the club, Club Godby. We are looking to develop partnerships with our customers so we can take away some of the every day hassles of home ownership. We all have busy lives these days and sometimes things slip through the cracks. No need to remember to call Godby when it is time to schedule your inspections for the season, Godby will call you!

At Godby Heating Plumbing Electrical, we love our customers. With Club Godby you will receive the benefits of full service at an amazing price-only $159 per system per year*. Not only will we make sure that your heating and cooling systems are regularly maintained, so you don’t have to, but you will also receive 20% off on plumbing and electrical services. Club Godby members also receive priority scheduling and no overtime rates. What could be better?! Don’t delay, join Club Godby today.

*discount for extra systems, accessories not included in price


You’ll receive Two Annual Inspections/Tune Ups – One Cooling, One Heating – at a Reduced Price, plus…



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Multi Point Inspection:

    • Check refrigerant charge

    • Check pressure controls

    • Check compressor amps

    • Check condenser motor amps

    • Measure line voltages to condenser

    • Inspect electrical disconnect

    • Inspect all electrical connections

    • Check condenser coil

    • Lubricate condenser motor (if applicable)

    • Inspect condenser fan blade

    • Check indoor blower operation

    • Check condensate drain

    • Check temperature difference across evaporator coil

    • Multi Point Heating Inspection
    • Replace filter

    • Check safety limit controls

    • Check fan controls

    • Check temperature rise of furnace

    • Inspect burners

    • Inspect heat exchanger

    • Check flue exhaust pipe

    • Check blower motor amps

    • Check ignition controls or pilot

    • Check gas valve operation

    • Check for gas leaks at furnace

    • Lubricate motor blower (if applicable)

    • Inspect blower wheel and assembly

    • Check thermostat operation