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Heating & Cooling Products

It’s cold outside and even colder in your home. No matter how high you crank the heat, you have to wear so many layers of clothing inside and to no avail. You are still cold. You know the life of your HVAC system has seen better days—it’s probably time to replace it. Chances are a lot has changed in the heating world since you last had your furnace installed. More options exist to target air comfort and energy efficiency than ever before. Here’s a quick look at what you need to know in order to make the best choice for your home and for your family.

heat pump


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Plumbing Products

Has it been a while since you’ve enjoyed a hot shower that lasts more than 10 minutes? Water stains on appliances and sinks leaving you stumped? Your basement won’t stay dry? Perhaps you’re looking for another way to soften your water without salt—it’s true, you can do that! Want to know only clean, filtered water flows from every faucet in your home—safe enough for a baby’s bottle? Godby’s full-service plumbing solutions and expert technicians are geared up to help you identify the best fix. Here’s a glimpse at some common plumbing products you might consider:


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Electrical Products

Does your breaker keep tripping or do you just need a few light fixtures hung? Godby can help you with all of your electrical needs.  Our professional electricians are ready to provide you with service you can trust and solve those electrical problems. We will help make your home run as energy efficient as possible.

We have expertise in all installations from production homes to highly specialized custom built homes and our professional staff will plan the most energy efficient solution for your needs. An energy star rated product improperly installed and not based on the whole picture, can actually waste energy and cost you money. Let us put together a customized plan just for your home.

geothermal heating contractor

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