White toilet with water closet look outside

Do You Like Your Toilet?

September 6, 2023
However long you are spending on your toilet, did you know you have options to make your experience a little more pleasant? Continue Reading
5 Tips to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality This Fall - Woman Sitting by the WIndow.

5 Tips to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality This Fall

September 6, 2023
Get ready for cooler weather here in Carmel—fall is around the corner! Continue Reading
Home with Raining Storm Water Coming Out of Gutters

Storm Surge

August 31, 2023
Storms come in many shapes and sizes, but what is consistent with storms is the havoc they can wreak. No matter the season, Indiana is sure to have some sort of storm. The outcomes are often flooding, power outages, and electrical malfunctions. Continue Reading
Video - Energy Saving Tip 3. Woman opening door.

Video – Energy Saving Tip 3

August 30, 2023
Close your blinds on sun-facing windows during the day to keep the sun from heating up your home and causing your AC to use more energy. Continue Reading
Air Conditioning Short Cycling Help. Parents Helping Children With Homework At Table.

Air Conditioning Short Cycling Help

August 2, 2023
On a hot Indiana day, your air conditioner (AC) is supposed to keep your home comfortable. So why is it only cooling in short bursts? Short cycling occurs when your air conditioning unit turns on and off in quick sequences. Continue Reading
Video - Summer AC Check Up. Bulldog outside with tongue out.

Video – Summer AC Check Up

July 19, 2023
Schedule a clean-check today to make sure your air conditioner runs smoothly this summer. Godby Heating Plumbing Electrical 317-471-8700 Continue Reading
3 Health Benefits for Using Your AC While Sleeping. Shot of a young woman sound asleep in her bedroom.

3 Health Benefits for Using Your AC While Sleeping

July 5, 2023
A major part of your health relies on getting a good night’s sleep. That’s why it’s not just important to run your air conditioner during the hot summer days. You also need to keep your home comfortably cool at night as well. Continue Reading
Close-up image of an air conditioner fan.

Video – The Importance of Air Conditioner Maintenance

June 21, 2023
The best time of year to have your AC serviced is spring, even if you reside in a locale with pretty warm weather all year long. Continue Reading

Three Trades, One Team

June 16, 2023
Godby Heating, Plumbing, Electrical can help your home needs and make life easier. We keep your home updated, safe, comfortable, and smart. Continue Reading
Father child is front of electric fan on hot summer day.

AC Problems and Solutions

June 7, 2023
Our team at Godby Heating Plumbing Electrical wants you to be aware, prepared, and ready to solve these air conditioning issues so you and your family can stay cool this summer. Continue Reading

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