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Flooding Is Always in Season

Flooding is always in season. Cold winters that include snow, ice and rain are not only annoying when driving to the store to pick up bread, milk and beer (you know, the important stuff), but can be hard on your home. When all of the snow and ice start melting it needs somewhere to go. If it is raining, it will cause the snow and ice to melt faster and add to the volume of water that needs somewhere to go.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for when Mother Nature kicks out Jack Frost.

  1. Remove excess snow from your roof using a roof rake. If you cannot do this safely, hire a contractor. Don’t try to Mr. Fix It and end up being the one who needs a body part fixed.
  1. In order to allow snow melt to drain properly from your roof, make sure that your gutters and drains are clean and free from debris. Again, do not attempt this if you aren’t even sure which end of a hammer to hold. Call a contractor.
  1. Remove excess snow piles and drifts that are near or against your home. If you have teenagers and can drag them out of bed, put them to work!
  1. Look for gaps and cracks in your foundation. They need to be sealed. At this point, you may have to wait until nicer weather.
  1. Pay attention to weather alerts and take them seriously. It is better to head the warning and be prepared than to ignore it and spend your day dealing with a flooded basement.
  1. Make sure your sump pump is working. You can dump a bucket of water in the hole and see if it turns on and functions properly. How about that battery back up? Will it turn on if your power goes out?

If you need to replace or upgrade your sump pump, Godby Plumbing can help! Be prepared for whatever comes your way and call or text Godby for an appointment, today!





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