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5 Reasons To Flush Your Water Heater

Just like any other piece of equipment, your water heater needs regular maintenance. Many homeowners do not take the time to flush their water heaters once a year even though most manufacturers recommend doing at least a partial flush about once a month. Here are 5 reason to flush your water heater on a regular basis.

1. Work Smart, Not hard

Water heaters build up sediment, minerals and other debris at the bottom of the tank. The bottom of the tank is where the water is being heated. If there is build up on the bottom of the tank, it has to work harder to heat your water. This makes your water heater less efficient, costing you money.

2. Money Down the Drain

We said it once and we will say it again. If sediment builds up and your water heater has to work harder to get you hot water, this is costing you more money. Just think of how long you have to stand there waiting for hot water for a shower. That is money down the drain. Now imagine waiting even longer because of the condition of your water heater. You are wasting energy, water and money.

3. What’s in Your Water?

You know that sediment we’ve been talking about? Well, the build-up can also get into your pipes. This build-up in your pipes can cause a decrease in water pressure and yucky stuff can show up in your water.

4. Flush to Avoid the Gush

If you ignore your water heater, it will work for a while. Year after year the sediment, scale and debris are adding up. Your water heater can only take so much and next thing you know you have a leak. Maybe it is a trickle or maybe the bottom falls out. Either way, it is letting you know it can no longer be ignored. Flush to avoid the gush.

5. Our Pretty Face

We know you love chatting with our Godby Plumbers and love their pretty faces, but how often do you really want to see them? Ignore the flush and the sediment and lack of regular maintenance can cause breakdowns, equipment failure and shortens the life of your equipment.

Let Godby Plumbing take care of your water heater. That means you, tankless owners, too! We will flush your water heater and in turn, your equipment will work more efficiently and last longer! Call Godby Heating Plumbing Electrical today to schedule your flush!



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