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Zones of Comfort With The Help Of A Mini Split

This time of year our minds are on getting through the holidays and the wintery weather without too many issues. With family coming to visit for the holidays, you have to figure out where everyone will sleep and how they will sleep comfortably. Your basement is always too cold this time of year and if you turn the heat up to accommodate the basement, everyone on the top floor will be so hot that they will melt like popsicles in the summer sun. The bonus room is great too, but it tends to be chilly as well since it is over the garage.  What’s a homeowner to do?!

Have no fear, Zones of Comfort is here!

You may have heard about the ductless systems often called mini-splits. (If not, read here and then come back and finish this post.) These systems help you and your family create zones of comfort in your home. Zones of Comfort allow you to regulate temperatures in your home as you see fit. Your thermostat is usually located on your main floor. Wherever the thermostat is located is where it is getting the temperature your system needs to satisfy. Areas of the house that are on different levels, have many windows, have been added on or face the sun will have very different temperatures than where your thermostat is located. Hence the cold and hot spots you deal with in your house.

Sometimes we have rooms in our homes that we don’t use very often and may only want to adjust the temperature when using. For example, maybe your mother-in-law is always cold, so she needs her bedroom to be warmer. What may feel like a step into a summer day in the south feels perfect to her. And I mean, who wants to have a crabby mother-in-law? With Mitsubishi Zones of Comfort, Godby can fix this for you by creating a comfort zone where your MIL usually stays. She can use it when visiting and it’s off when she’s not.

Other times there are specific areas in your home, because of the way it was originally built, that are never comfortable. Maybe you put all of your kid’s toys, gadgets and annoying movies in the basement, creating a fun space for them to retreat to. (You know, so the adults can have their own space too.) Instead, you only get complaints of how cold the basement is in the winter and they are now overflowing into your space and they aren’t even out of school for break yet! Here is another place you can create a comfort zone using a mini-split! Be gone young ones! The basement is now warm enough in the winter and those noisy toys and Barbie movies are banished to the basement.

Godby can help you create as many Zones of Comfort in your home using Mitsubishi mini-splits. This can be done affordably and with very little disruption to your home. So what are you waiting for? Your mother-in-law will be here soon! Give Godby a call today and we can be there right away!



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