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Winter Preparation Checklist For A Homeowner

Indiana winters are bitter and frigid, and your family relies on your furnace to stay warm and comfortable all winter long. Keeping your furnace running properly is a priority. A broken or poorly performing filter can be disastrous in the winter, forcing you to invest in hefty repairs so your family can be safe and warm.  It is now time to switch your HVAC system over to heat. But you can’t just switch it and forget it, you need to prepare it for the long winter ahead. Here is a winter preparation checklist for your HVAC system. 

Turn it On

This may seem like common sense, but first, you need to make sure your heat will turn on. Start by adjusting the thermostat a few degrees higher than the current room temperature. Listen closely for the heat to kick on. If you do not hear anything within about a minute, you may have a problem. Is it the furnace or your thermostat? Not sure? We know that an HVAC system isn’t your expertise, that’s why you have Godby. When in doubt, it is always best to consult a professional to assess your situation with your furnace. 


Change the Filters

On average, you should change your furnace’s filters around every three months or as designated by your HVAC equipment manufacturer. If you don’t hear your heat kick on, make sure to check your filter. A dirty filter can cause the unit to shut down. So, make sure they are clean before the winter hits, and stock up on some extra filters for the winter. Monitor and change your filters accordingly while you are heavily using your furnace during the cold months. Also, if you have done anything to kick up some dust in your house, like a remodel, make sure you change your filter more often.


Clean Vents and Ducts 

During the winter, we tend to spend a lot more time indoors. Between dust, pet dander, bacteria, kids and more, the ducts in your home can get pretty gross. Dirty ducts mean dirty air you are breathing within your home. It may be a good idea to hire a professional duct cleaner, like Godby, to clean those ducts. 

Air Purifier

Winter is the time where most people get sick. Being stuff inside with others and breathing recirculating air is a major cause of illness and allergies. To get the air in your home even cleaner and help protect your family from viruses and bacteria, install an air-purifying system. Give your family a one-up on beating the winter bugs by helping eliminate bacteria and viruses and your home. And don’t forget about the easiest ways to get rid of germs throughout the day, WASH YOUR HANDS!


Clear the Area

Make sure to maintain the area around your furnace. It should be clean and free of any debris or clutter. You don’t want to be sucking up dirt and debris from your own floor! Don’t forget to check the exhaust flue outside. Remove any branches, leaves, animal nests, or other obstructions from the exhaust flue. 


Program Your Thermostat

Take advantage of programmable settings on your thermostat. If you don’t have a programmable thermostat yet, I’d like to invite you to enter the 21rst century and have one installed. You can lower the temperature when people are typically not home or while sleeping and have it automatically rise around the time people are active in your home. This will help you drastically reduce your furnace operating cost and carbon footprint. Get a smart thermostat and you can adjust the temperature from anywhere, like while lying in bed, from your smartphone or device.


Schedule Furnace Maintenance 

Now is the time to schedule your furnace inspection. Once the first hint of cold weather hits, Godby’s schedules get booked up quickly. It is always a good idea to schedule your furnace maintenance and repairs before winter hits or as soon as possible. Godby can clean and service your heating system to ensure your furnace functions optimally during the harsh Indiana winter. 


Godby is here to help. We can inspect and/or repair your furnace, heat pump, HVAC, or heating system to help your family prepare for the winter ahead. We are the heating, plumbing, and electrical experts committed to authenticity. Let our experienced technicians help you prepare your home for winter today. Learn more by calling or texting us at (317) 471-8700, or request an appointment HERE



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