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What’s in Your Water? Indiana Water Quality – Part 2

What’s in your Water? Indiana Water Quality – Part 2

We literally cannot survive without water. We brush our teeth with it, take showers, cook, swim and of course, we drink it.  About 2/3 of our bodies are made up of water and without it, it’s pretty simple, we won’t survive.  We are lucky enough to have water that flows from our taps with a turn of a spigot, so why not make sure it is as safe, clean and as tasty as possible!

We all learned about the water cycle in school. The water cycle taught us that there is water in the clouds, the snow that is on top of Pike’s Peak in the Colorado Rockies, the rain that soaks us on Race Weekend at the Indianapolis 500 and it is streaming through the creek in your back yard. Water is also used to wash your hair in the shower, it is sitting in your glass at the dinner table and flushing down the waste in your toilet.

Did you know that water is also really good at dissolving and absorbing? This is helpful when you throw your dirty clothes in the washer. The water and detergent will suck the dirt right off of your clothes and leave them without that muddy stain. It did its job and everyone is happy. Or how about when you are making some Gatorade and it changes that bright orange powder into something to drink?  But now think about the water that is flowing in a polluted river or absorbed into the soil of farms that use pesticides. That water is absorbing the chemicals and pollutants in our soil and water sources. The water you drink must be treated in order to be considered safe to drink, but that water still has to flow through pipes to get to you. Or maybe you get your water from a private well and it is up to you to ensure it is safe to drink. Either way, filtration systems help remove impurities from your water, making it safer to drink and tasting better too.

Using a filter will help you get some of the impurities out of your water. A water filter uses different ways to remove dirt, detergents, insecticides which can cause your water to have a funny taste, color or odor.

There are different types of filtration systems. The type of filtration system will be determined by what you are looking to remove from your water. A water test will show you what is in the water you drink.

A carbon filter is what is most commonly used in households. The activated carbon is able to attract and trap certain impurities in your water. This type of filtration system usually helps reduce chlorine and helps remove insecticides, detergents, phenols and other contaminants in your water. This leaves you with water that tastes better and is better for you and your family.

If your water smells like rotten eggs, you need a sulfur filter. Hydrogen sulfide gas causes the rotten egg-like smell. It can also discolor the water and make your water taste funny. There are different filtration processes that can be used to remove the sulfur from your water. At Godby, we suggest using the air injected sulfur control system. This filtration system still uses the carbon filtration process, but it enhances the process using air injection. Oxygen from the air injection will help accelerate the oxidation of sulfur, leaving your water tasting and smelling better.

Maybe your well water system has a high amount of iron. You can get an iron filter that, like the sulfur filter, uses the combination of carbon filtration and air injection. Again, the air injection uses oxygen, this time to speed up the precipitation process of iron and the oxidation process that helps to filter the water. What is even better is that it done through a chemical free process.

Whether it’s smells, chlorine, detergents or dirt you are looking to remove, a water filtration system can help remove impurities in your water. Some systems, like Simply Soft, can filter and soften water. Many filtration systems are sold separately from water softeners. Make sure you find out the details about the system you are interested in.

Be an informed consumer. First, test your water on a regular basis to know exactly what it contains. Next, don’t ever assume anything- like that your filtration system will also soften or that those old pipes your water flows through are safe. (You know what they say. If you assume something it makes an ass out of u and me.) Get the facts on your water and the systems you are looking to put in.

If you are looking for better tasting, safer water for you and your family, call Godby. We will send an expert plumber to your home to help you determine what type of filtration system is right for your home. Our customers have trusted the Godby name to take care of their HVAC, plumbing and electrical needs for decades. Still locally owned and operated, let Godby Heating Plumbing Electrical help keep your home in tiptop shape while also keeping your family safe.

Note: Not sure of the difference between a filtration system and a purification system? Stay tuned and we will answer that question next time!



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