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What’s All the Buzz About?

What’s All the Buzz About?

No, that’s not buzzing in your ears, it’s coming from your outlets. What you are hearing is the electrical current and it is not because you gained superhero ears, it is because there is a problem.

No matter what you think the problem might be, turn off the power to this outlet and unplug any appliances using it.

There are probably some simple answers for the annoying buzzing sound. There may be connections that are loose. When the wire connections are loose, they can vibrate causing the sound. This is more likely to happen in an older or well-used outlet. You know the type- the ones that no longer hold the prongs tightly in the outlet. If this happens, the outlet is going bad or is already bad and needs to be replaced. A new outlet could be bad or faulty, so don’t just blame the old outlets.

The problem could also lie with the fixture you are using. For example, if you had a toaster plugged into the outlet where you heard the buzzing, try plugging the toaster into another outlet. If you still hear the buzzing, it’s most likely the toaster’s fault, not the outlet.

Maybe it is bad wiring that is causing the noise. Wiring can break down and fray as it gets older, causing the buzzing, but it could be that your outlet was improperly installed. Bad wiring can cause problems with your circuit breaker and arcing, so it is nothing to mess around with. Get a licensed electrician out to investigate.

Dimmer switches can also be the culprit of the buzzing. Simply turn the dimmer switch off entirely and listen. Is it still buzzing at the outlet? If so, it could be the switch that is the problem. Also, make sure you have the correct type of light bulb for your dimmer switch. Some LED bulbs can buzz when used with a dimmer, so make sure it is not as easy a fix as changing your light bulb.

Whatever is causing the buzzing sound, Godby Electrical can find the problem and fix it. Godby has an electrical inspection that checks all of your outlets, switches, your circuit panel and more. Our electrician can use an infrared camera to show if there is excess heat in the main panel. This allows us know there is an issue and we are able to fix the problems before something fails.

So what’s all the buzz about? Call Godby and we will send an electrician to diagnose and fix any of your electrical issues. Keep your home and your family safe and remember, It’s Gotta be Godby.



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