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What You Need to Know About Mini-Splits

Here is a quick reference guide to answers some of the most commonly ask questions regarding mini-split or ductless heating and cooling unit. 

What is a mini-split?

A mini-split is a ductless system that enables you to condition the air in your home. It also allows you to easily zone your home or condition certain spaces or rooms.

How does a mini-split work?

A ductless mini-split air conditioner works like a heat pump but without the ducts.

It comes with both an outdoor unit and indoor unit.

To cool your home’s air, the indoor unit takes the warm air from your home and blows it over the unit’s coils. These coils have refrigerant running through them. The refrigerant absorbs the heat from the air and brings it to the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit pushes the heat outside. The cooler air that remains is pushed out your indoor unit into the designated space.

To heat the space, the outdoor unit pulls the heat from outside and moves it into your home. (Yes, there is heat outside even when it feels cold to you.) 

Can I heat and cool with a mini-split?

Yes! Most mini-split systems are heat pumps. This means that your ductless system can both heat and cool whatever area it is designated to.

Is a mini-split efficient?

A mini-split is designed for a certain area or room in your home. If you don’t need it in that area, turn it off. For example, you don’t need the help of your mini-split year round for a sun porch. Turn it off and conserve energy when you aren’t hanging on said porch.

A traditional HVAC system is designed to make your entire home comfortable using a duct system. Up to 30% of that heated/cooled air is lost while traveling through the ductwork. A mini-split doesn’t use ducts, so the conditioned air is pumped right to where you need it.

Will a mini-split help filter the air?

Yes. A mini-split can catch and remove contaminants in your home’s air. They will help remove that gross stuff that affects your allergies, respiratory system. Filtered air helps to stop the spread of illness too.

They also include filters that will help neutralize your home’s air, absorbing odors. Yes, it can help with your smelly dog and possibly, though we can’t promise, help to neutralize the teenage boy smell that has infected your son’s room.

Bonus- the filters are washable! The filter’s 10-year life helps reduce your footprint on the environment. 

Is the only option for a mini-split the model that hangs on the wall?

No, there are quite a few options when it comes to your ductless system.

Traditional wall mounted unit.

Mitsubishi Mini-Split Wall Mount


Mitsubishi Mini-Split Floor Mount



Mitsubishi Mini-Split Ceiling

With new construction, you can get horizontally ducted

Mitsubishi Mini-Split Horizontal

Some of these options also have different color options as well.

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