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Waste Not, Want Not

It’s hot out and you’ve noticed from your bill that your water usage has gone up. You owe it to thirsty people, watering gardens, more showers due to sweaty bodies and more toilet flushing due to more people around. (Well, that is if your kids and their friends actually flush the toilet regularly). It is time to get serious and find ways you can save on your water consumption.

Flushing Money Down the Toilet

You know the saying because your parents and grandparents may have used it on you a time or two, but this time take it literally. Check to see if you have a leaky toilet by putting a few drops of food coloring (Maybe not yellow, just sayin’) into the toilet tank. (You know, the part in the back where you have to lift the heavy lid off of it and there are pipes, flappers and other such nonsense in it.) Now…wait. Is the water in the bowl turning colors? If the water in the bowl is turning a festive tint, you’ve got a leak! Get that thing repaired!

Never Mid Day

We know you love your flowers, vegetables and grass as much as the next, but when you water is very important. Water evaporates quickly, especially on hot summer days. Make sure you water in the morning or evening, never during the day. You need that water to soak in. Also, don’t water everyday. Try watering every other day and watch your lawn and plants grow strong.

Ready, Aim Water!

If you are using a sprinkler, please make sure you aren’t watering your driveway, the sidewalk or your house. What a waste! Aim those sprinklers where they are needed. Also, if it is raining or supposed to rain, turn the sprinklers off. Let Mother Nature do her job!

Work Smart, Not Hard

Put the sponge down and walk away. Use the dishwasher! Did you know hand-washing dishes uses about 27 gallons of water while a high efficiency dishwasher uses around 3-5 gallons? Load it up, turn it on and walk away!

Shorter Showers

Yep, shorten your time under the stream. I know it feels good and sometimes you just want to stand there, but everyone else is doing the same thing. Get a waterproof timer and get out when it goes off. Turn the water off when you are shaving. Instead of letting all the water go down the drain when you are waiting for it to warm up, collect it in a bucket and use it to water the plants outside. You can also use the tag team method-have the next person standing by to jump in as you finish. Of course you better be close (like spouses or siblings) because no one wants to stand in the buff waiting for Uncle Earl to get out of the shower.

At The Car Wash

Washing your car at home can use almost 100 gallons of water while a car wash uses around 40 gallons. Sit back, relax and let the car wash do the work.

Get Green

Get yourself a rain barrel and start catching free water. Mother Nature provides it, so get smart and get green. A rain barrel allows you to collect the water that is coming right out of your downspouts. That’s fresh water that you can turn around and use on those hostas or tomatoes.

Godby wants to help inform and educate their customers. We will provide the info. All you have to do is read it. Next time you are taking time in “the library,” aka the bathroom, check out our blog posts. There is a lot of great info there! Share it with others and remind them that Godby can help out in all three trades—heating/cooling, plumbing and electrical!



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