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Top 5 Electrical Updates for Your Home

Top 5 electrical updates for your home. As summer is soon to roll into fall, there are some low-cost options to upgrade the electrical needs in your home. It doesn’t take a deep pocket to make impactful changes in your home and bring more value to your home. 

Lighting (Inside)

 It is time to say goodbye to the old and bring in the new. Goodbye brass, hello gold. Sayonara switched outlets, hello can lighting! The doldrums of winter will be here before you know it and good lighting can help combat SAD and questions of when you became a vampire because your house is so dark. Have can lighting be installed to brighten any room. A good statement fixture not only looks fantastic but brings personality to a room. Don’t forget the switches! You can now have a switch that does multiple tasks. Today’s switches can not only turn a light or ceiling fan on or off, but they can dim lights and/or control the speed of the fan. And if you haven’t by now, please switch your bulbs to LED. 


Lighting (Outside)

Don’t forget the outside of your home. Update old or broken fixtures to pack some punch with your curb appeal and the security of your property. Uplighting your landscaping not only looks beautiful at night, but it is a pretty way to illuminate areas of your property and not let people sneak around. You can also install sensor lighting around the outside of your home. That way when your daughter’s boyfriend tries to throw rocks at her window, you can clearly see the look of shock on his face when he trips the new lights outside. 


Ceiling Fans

The ceiling fans’ styles of today are nothing like their predecessors. You can find ones that are simple and streamlined or ones that look like airplanes or Lego. A ceiling fan is not only cool (pun intended) but can help your home be more energy efficient. They can help circulate warm air in the winter or help cool off a room in the warmer months. Just don’t forget to reverse the motion of the blades accordingly.



Not only should you make sure your outlets are working properly and up to code, but they can now help you charge your smartphones and tablets without needing the charging block. Replace old outlets to have plugs as well as USB and C portals. Now any outlet is a charging station!  Your teenagers will sing your praises (or at least may roll their eyes less). Don’t forget to make sure you have GFCI outlets to help keep your home safe from electrical overloads that can cause fires.


Smart Technology

Some may think that it is too hard to install the technology so we can turn on the lights from our dinner party across town or change the temperature on the thermostat from the comfort of our beds. But Godby can help you keep up with the Jones by getting your smart technology all squared away. Want to turn your outside lighting on full blast just as your kid gets home from a date? We’ve got you! Want to get the temperature down before your return from a vacation? We’ve got you! Want to install a Ring doorbell so you can see just when your Amazon package arrives? We’ve got you!

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