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The Mini-Split Debut

Mini-SplitIf you caught the HGTV’s Good Bones Season 4, Episode 4 titled “Mina’s Forever Home,” you may have seen some work by Godby. Our guys who worked on her home did not get their 15 min (or even 15 seconds) of fame, but the Mitsubishi mini-split we installed did!

For a special surprise, Mina kept the final design a secret from her husband Steve until she could do a big reveal. During the reveal, Mina showed Steve the garage. For Mina, the garage was all about the dog shower, which was nicer than most home’s regular showers. What we were excited about was the mini-split. Did you catch a glimpse of it? (Hint: It was hanging over the work desk area, in between the upper cabinets.) You know that friend of yours who always likes to bring up how they were in an episode of your favorite show, but they were just the guy standing behind the lead actors? They were playing what’s called an extra. We think the Mitsubishi mini-split ductless system plays the perfect role as an extra. And it’s not annoying like your friend. It is humble. It does its job, makes you feel good and is not high maintenance.

Why did Mina choose to put a mini-split in a garage? There are many reasons people choose to use a ductless system in a garage. In Indiana, we are lucky enough to experience four seasons throughout the year. If your garage is not a conditioned space it is going to be cold in the winter and hot and humid in the summer. Mina’s garage is not just a space to park cars and hang hammers. It’ll be a place that little Jack can ride a tricycle around on a rainy day. A place to work on small projects. The garage sometimes houses their three dogs and bathe them. Let’s not forget about that fancy dog washing station! Who wants to wash a dog in an icy cold garage? They don’t have to. The Hawk’s also incorporated a work desk/station in the garage. Whether Mina is sitting there working on some Two Chicks and a Hammer business while little Jack plays or uses it more as a work station for small projects, a mini-split will keep the temperature just right for the entire Hawk family.

Why would you put a mini-split in the garage instead of it being part of your other HVAC system? A garage will not be conditioned like the rest of your home. It is not a well-sealed, energy efficient space. Every time you open the garage door you are essentially letting the outdoors in. On a cold December day, you are probably heating your home to somewhere around 70°F. Heating a large three car garage to 70°F and then periodically opening a slow-moving door as big as the wall is not a cost-effective or energy efficient thing to do. Not only would it be expensive to condition an extra 700+ square feet, but you’d constantly be comprising the space’s temperature. With a mini-split (ductless system) you get to choose when you want to condition the space and to what temperature. This is totally separate from the rest of your home giving you complete control. It is easy to install too!

Whether you need to install, repair, maintain or replace a traditional HVAC system or ductless system, Godby can do it all! Trane, Mitsubishi and Good Bones trust Godby to perform high-quality work and that’s why they chose us! Mina and Karen are local contractors who know the importance of supporting local businesses. The Godby name has been helping Hoosiers in Indianapolis and surrounding areas like Fountain Square for almost 50 years. Choose local, choose Godby.



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