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Sweaty Walls

These summer days have been hot and humid. It’s not just you that’s sweating, it may be your home.

Do you ever set your thermostat at a temperature that seems to be perfect and then suddenly it isn’t? All of a sudden that 70°F feels warm and stuffy. It isn’t that your air conditioner can’t keep up, it is that the humidity in your house is too high. When the humidity in your house is too high, your home feels warmer than it should.

Imagine you are told that it is 70°F outside. You may be thinking, “Wow, this temperature is awesome. Not too hot and not too cold.” Now imagine it is 70°F outside with 70% humidity. Now you are thinking, “Wow, it’s hot in here.” Why is that?

Let’s explain this in terms that are easier to understand. First off, you want the humidity level in your home to be between 40-50% humidity. This is the comfort zone where you lipped aren’t chapped and your walls aren’t sweating. (Yes, your walls can sweat. More on that later.) Imagine that the air can hold a maximum of 10 buckets full of water. These 10 buckets of water would equate to 100% humidity. Therefore, 70 % humidity would equate to seven buckets of water. You will be at an ideal comfort between four and five buckets of water in the air. At 70% humidity, you are three+ buckets over the comfort zone. 

Having a home where your humidity is too high is a home where you have created an environment for all of the wrong stuff. At 70% humidity mold grows; dust mites thrive, bacteria flourishes and allergies are off the charts. This is also a home where you may see moisture on your walls; where the bathroom fan doesn’t seem to help clear out shower steam. You may even see your walls or ceilings sweat. Condensation can build up on your ductwork and you will see water droplets on your walls and ceilings. Hello mold!!

Luckily there is an easy fix. All you need is a dehumidifier installed. Before you start thinking, “But that is expensive!” Actually, it can be installed on to your HVAC system at a really reasonable cost. This is not something you have to do major work on in order to get major results. And plugging a big box store machine into an outlet is not the solution. You need to condition the air in your entire house, not a room of your house. Plus, a ton of those machines have had recalls due to starting fires in homes. That is another risk you do not need to take! 

Don’t sweat it-just call Godby! We can take care of your humidity problems. A whole-home humidifier will allow you to lower raise the temperature on your HVAC system, saving you money. It will reduce dangerous allergens and molds and will save your drywall and latest paint job. Call Godby today to have us install a dehumidifier in your home right away!



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