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My Toilet Won’t Flush

Your porcelain throne is giving your troubles. All you want to do is flush the thing and it simply won’t. Not only is it gross staring down at your…”stuff,” but also how are you going to fix it? Let Godby help you troubleshoot some of your potential potty problems.

The Flood
If the floodwaters are rising, quickly remove the tank lid. Now find the ball that usually floats on top of the water (also known as the fill valve) and gently pull it up and prop it. This should stop the water flowing to the toilet and help you avoid the dreaded overflow. Now grab your mighty staff, otherwise known as the plunger. Plunge away and help push the blockage through, Hopefully this will cause the “stuff” to push down and out. Make sure you now remove whatever you’ve used to prop up the fill valve. Once the toilet tank fills again. Try another clean flush and hopefully your problem will be resolved.

The Chain Gang
You turn, flush and nothing. You flush again and again nothing. Remove the tank lid and find the chain. It should be running from the flapper cap to the flush handle. There could be any number of issues here. If it has come loose from the flapper cap, reattach it. Now flush.

Maybe the chain is attached and when you push the flush handle you see that the chain is too long causing the “no flush.” The flapper cap is there to make sure there is a tight seal so that the tank water stays in the tank until you need it to help produce a strong enough flush. If the chain is too long, simply shorten the chain and re-hook it to the flapper cap.  Now flush.

Fill’er Up
The “no flush” can also be caused by not having enough water in the tank. Remove the tank lid and check the water level. Your toilet tank should have a fill line so you know how much your toilet needs to get a good flush. Remember, how much water you have in the tank can affect your flush. You need enough water when you flush to be strong enough to flush your “stuff” away.  If you see that there is enough water in the tank, according to the fill line, you may just need to adjust the float valve. Try to gently bend the float valve up just a little. Let it go and see if the adjustment causes your tank to fill up to the fill level. If so, once the water gets to the fill level, give your toilet a flush.

The Spirit in your Toilet
You are about to fall asleep and your toilet decided to flush on its own. It’s either the spirit of your Great Uncle Louie looking for one last flush or you have water slowly leaking due to a worn out flapper valve or a flapper valve that didn’t seal correctly. Get yourself out of bed and into the bathroom. Once you remove the tank lid, if you see that the flapper valve is just “off” for some reason, reach on in and readjust it so it seals. Stay there and make sure the tank fills correctly and then stops once it satisfies itself.

A worn out flapper valve will cause water to slowly leak from the cistern to the toilet bowl. This will allow the water in the tank to drain out constantly. This will cause the toilet tank to work constantly in order to refill. Simply turn the water off underneath your toilet until you can get yourself a new flapper-you don’t want to pay for all of that water that is leaking out. Now you can sleep, rest assured that it wasn’t your Great Uncle Louie back to torture you by randomly flushing your toilet.

The Drip
It is hot and humid out, but you never knew that it could make your toilet sweat. It is either the weather causing condensation on the outside of your tank or you have a leak. Head to the kitchen and grab some food coloring. Put a few drops of some food coloring in the water in the tank and wait and watch. If the color doesn’t reach the outside of your toilet tank, you are safe-you just have a toilet that likes the humid weather as much as you do. If it suddenly looks like your toilet is bleeding, the water stained with food coloring shows you have a leak. You need to check your toilet for cracks or even a possible loose connection. Turn your water off under your toilet by turning the water valve until it is off, grab some old towels and give Godby a call.

The Shower Shocker
You are taking a shower and your spouse decides to flush the toilet (insert scream here) and you are scalded with blast of hot water. After you finish cursing your spouse, tell them to find the water valve underneath your toilet. Ask them to turn it almost off-leave it about a quarter to half turn from being completely off. This will cause your toilet to take longer to fill, but a flush won’t rob the shower from all the hot water and give you a shocking blast of lava-hot water in the shower.

Some plumbing fixes can be pretty easy ones, others, not so much. Either way, Godby is there for all of your plumbing problems. Call Godby today to help turn your potty problems from a royal pain to a royal flush.



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