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My AC Won’t Turn Off!

Does it seem like your AC is running constantly? Does it sound like your AC is never turning off? Not only is it costing you major dough, but it demonstrates that there is an issue. Here are some things to consider when your AC won’t turn off:

Thermostat– Your thermostat has a set temperature that your air conditioner is trying to reach. Is it set too low? Your air conditioning may be working really hard to try and reach that desired temperature. It will stay on and continue to run until that temperature is met. Try raising the set temperature on your thermostat a few degrees. Does your AC shut off once you’ve raised the temperature a bit? If not, there is another issue.

Fan– Is your fan set to AUTO or is it set to ON? If your fan is set to ON it will run continuously. This may be what you are hearing. Switch the setting to AUTO and see if the noise you are hearing stops. The AUTO setting allows the fan to run when designated by the thermostat. This can possibly help by telling your AC to stop running all of the time.

Maintenance- The age-old question, have you been a responsible homeowner and done the routine maintenance on your HVAC system? With regular maintenance, the unit is checked out. It gets the condenser coils cleaned, checked for electrical issues, and checks your filter, just to name a few steps of the process. This not only allows the unit to run more efficiently and has a longer life span, but it finds any issues right from the start allowing them to be fixed before the issues become even bigger! 

Honestly, regular maintenance on your air conditioning unit is super important and can help you avoid issues like this. Give Godby a call for your yearly check-up or repairs on any brand! Call us today, so we can get there right away!



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