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Keep the Lights On

We have had some doozies of a storm lately. This derecho wreaked havoc all across the Midwest. Over 21,000 IPL customers were out of power. Duke Energy had over 46,000 customers without power. With winds in Iowa in excess of 100 mph to an excess of 80 mph in Indiana, there were downed lines everywhere.

With a good part of the United States working remotely these days (thanks COVID) having a power outage in one’s house is more than an inconvenience; it effects your lively hood. There is an easy solution.

Whole home generators can save you from the next storm. Whether you need your power on in order to work, for medical needs or to save your freezer full of food, Godby can figure out the best generator for your needs. Choose your generator size based on what is most important to your family to keep running. You can keep your AC or heat running, sump pumps can keep pumping, appliances and lights can still work and important medical equipment will stay on with a generator.

Whole home generators are installed outside your home, like an air conditioning condensing unit. It is powered by your home’s natural gas or propane. When your home’s main power shuts off, the whole home generator automatically shuts on. It’s a pretty seamless transition.

Godby Heating Plumbing Electrical can come and assess what size whole home generator best fits your home and needs. Once you decide, Godby can install your generator and help maintain that generator over the years. When the next storm hits, be ready. Call or text Godby today- we can help you keep the lights on!



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