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How To Install a Doorbell

How To Install a Doorbell

Porch Pirates and Creeper Beware!

These days we have to be diligent with the safety of our home. Porch Pirates stealing your packages and people snooping around the outside of your home are unfortunate problems we need to be aware of. Maybe you’ve thought about upgrading your safety measures but haven’t taken the time to actually do them or simply don’t know how. Here is how Godby can help.

Video Doorbell

I know you’ve seen the commercials. A woman talks a porch pirate out of stealing her package. An alarm goes off at a home and the homeowners talk to the fire department through the doorbell and even opens the door for them to get entrance and check everything out. Even the big man himself, Shaquille O’Neill, believes so strongly in them that he has part ownership in Ring and helps pitch their benefits. You may know and believe in the benefits but have thought “I don’t even know how to install a doorbell, much less cameras or anything else that may come with it.”

Have no fear, Godby is here! Godby can install your video doorbell system, along with cameras allowing you and your family to feel safer. 

Security Lighting 

Now that you have your video doorbell and security cameras installed, you need to be able to see what is going on at night should they be triggered. The best way to do this is with security lighting. Godby can install lighting around the exterior of your home and property. This lighting can be triggered by motion or be on timers based on your needs and the position of the lighting. When a porch pirate or creeper comes on your property, they will set off a motion sensor and will be illuminated, no longer being an anonymous body, but instead will be lit up like the fourth of July!  Watch them duck and run!

Even outside decorative or “up lighting” around your property helps with security. The less dark areas for someone to creep, the better!

Don’t let your lack of time or electrical knowledge keep you from upgrading the safety measures around your house. Use your resources! Godby can take care of your electrical needs. Give us a call today and we will help you feel safer right away. 



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