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How to Avoid Frozen Pipes

Frigid temperatures can create major plumbing problems. Frozen or cracked pipes and leaks are no one’s friend. When temperatures drop, the pipes in your home are at risk. Pipes in unheated interior spaces, (think garage, basement and attic) are most at risk, but pipes running through cabinets and your home’s exterior walls can also freeze. There are some simple things you can do to help avoid plumbing disasters.

Keep it Moving. Turn on your faucet and run the water or let the faucet drip. Even a trickle can help keep pipes from freezing. Unclog those drains and keep that water moving!

Eliminate drafts. Open your kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors and make sure warm air can circulate where the plumbing is located. This goes for those unheated spaces too- keep the garage door closed!

Steady as she goes. When it is bitter cold it is not the time to set the thermostat back. You want a warm environment for your plumbing, so keep the temperature in your home steady, even when you are not home. In bitter cold temperatures, your furnace will have to run continuously and have a hard time keeping up. If you usually drop the temperature in your house when you do to work, don’t. Your furnace may not recover those lost degrees when the temperature outside is sub zero.

Frozen. Sometimes our best-laid plans get foiled. If you should encounter a frozen pipe, take action! Apply heat to the pipe using a hair dryer, by wrapping an electric heating pad around the pipe, while running water through the pipe.

If you cannot locate the frozen pipe or if it is in a location you cannot access, get help! As water freezes, it expands. A frozen pipe means a cracked pipe.

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