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How Long Should a New AC Unit Last?

If your air conditioning unit is on its last legs, you may be wondering what the average life expectancy of a unit is. The industry standard life expectancy of a centralized air conditioner is said to be 10-15 years, but if properly maintained it could last 20+ years.

Your AC unit must be properly maintained, but what does that mean? Simple. Getting a yearly tune-up, changing the filter regularly and keeping the condensing unit (outside) free of dirt build-up and debris.

Where you live can also determine how long your equipment will last. An air conditioner used in Arizona is going to run almost 24 hours a day where a unit in Indiana will only be used for a season. The constant wear and tear on a system, even if maintained correctly, will cause the equipment to fail earlier than one used for a one season a year. Also, if you live near salt water, this will also shorten the life of your condensing unit. The salt will rust the components and eat away at them. Try not to have the sprinklers pointed at it either. This could also rust parts in the condensing unit causing it to fail much sooner.

You’ve heard the saying, “You get what you pay for.” Consider this when needing to purchase new equipment. HVAC equipment is a big purchase. Take the time to do your own research and have a qualified HVAC technician help you figure out what air conditioning unit is right for your home.

You want that equipment to last a long time, so get a great quality product from a top-notch team.  Don’t be fooled by the other companies that send out a salesman dressed in a service/technician uniform. Godby will always treat you like we would want to be treated- no gimmicks. Our salesmen are salesmen and our technicians will service your equipment and let you know your options.

When your AC unit has stopped working, don’t get heated! Keep calm, cool and collected and remember- It’s Gotta be Godby!



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