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Home for the Holidays

Whether you are spinning your dreidel, filling stockings or simply trying to get through the last remnants of 2020, having your home ready for this time of year is important. In December there is already so much to think about- gift giving and wrapping, potential visitors, exam time for students, spreading joy to all you see and all while keeping safe and healthy. Let Godby Heating Plumbing Electrical do the hard work and help keep your home ready to go. So, what are some things you need to be concerned with when home for the holidays?

Extra Lighting

Is your home ready for your attempt to outdo Clark Griswald’s Christmas display? You never want to overload circuits, so make sure your outlets are updated and your panel is able to handle the surge of twinkling lights. Let Godby update or fix any outlets and do an electrical inspection to make sure there are not any problems lurking in your home’s electrical system.

Clear Air

With the holidays comes visitors…usually. Maybe you have decided against having others in your home, even family or maybe you are allowing a select few to come over. Either way, these days having clean air to breathe is more important than ever. Let Godby install a Phenomenal Aire system in your home. It attaches to your HVAC system allowing your entire home to have clean air, not just certain areas. A Phenomenal Aire system neutralizes/kills up to 99% of bacteria and viruses.

Dusty Ducts

We talked about clean air, but you also need to make sure that your ducts are clean too. Your ducts can get filled with all kinds of things! Not only dust, hair and dander which breed bacteria, but all kinds of things get lost down there- trust us, we’ve seen it! We have seen kid’s sippy cups, dozens of crayons, toys, air fresheners, rodent waste and much more! You do not want to be breathing the stuff we find in there! Let Godby get those ducts cleaned for you to help cut down on allergies, bacteria, viruses and overall grossness.

Water Works

Whether it is family visiting, kids home from school and college, more water is going to be used and consumed over the holidays. Is your water heater up to par? Can you ensure that everyone will have a hot shower? Make sure you have your water heater flushed or maybe it is time to upgrade to a new model. Have you been putting off installing a water softener even though your fixtures are starting to have a permanent crust on them? With more people means more laundry done, more food cooked which means more dishes done, more water consumed and more showers. Save your pipes, fixtures and appliances and get that water softener installed. 

Food Waste

No, Godby is not getting into waste disposal, I am talking about the garbage disposal on your sink. We all know how it happens. Someone gets lazy and starts dumping stuff down the disposal that shouldn’t be there. Chicken bones, leftover asparagus and random pieces of plastic are big culprits of killing disposals. Should you need a new one, Godby can install one, no problem!

Warm and Cozy

Sure 2020 has been a doozy, but have you still kept up with your HVAC maintenance? How is that filter looking? Was the last time you changed it about the same time the world got shut down? Change it or call us and have us change it. Along with a filter change we can do your HVAC maintenance to make sure everything is working well and keeps working. It would suck if just as your family was finishing up watching “It’s a Wonderful Life,” during forced family fun time that your heat went out. That would not be such a wonderful life moment.

Time to Upgrade

Because it is holiday time and we are looking to impress visitors, it is obviously time to upgrade. Those light fixtures and plumbing fixtures you’ve been meaning to get to since quarantine in March are still sitting there. Let Godby take care of that for you. Our plumbers can upgrade your plumbing fixtures and get rid of the standard brass action in old homes and our electricians can install those fancy light fixtures and say goodbye to the standard “boob light” that is installed in most homes. 

Power Out

With winter comes cold weather bringing us high winds, ice and snow and a bigger possibility of power outages. With many working from home, online schooling and overall life, a power outage can cause a lot of issues. (No one wants to hear the blood curdling scream of a teenager whose Zoom call gets shut down during their exam.) Get a whole home generator and those issues are in the past. A whole home generator will allow you to keep working, cooking and binge-watching Hallmark Christmas movies even when the power goes out. It is worth the investment!

December is upon us and so are the holidays and home improvement. Let Godby Heating Plumbing Electrical help you roll into the New Year (peace out 2020) with your home’s needs taken care of! One call to Godby and we can do it all- heating/cooling, plumbing and electrical! Let us lighten the burden of the holidays, 2020 and your family’s health and safety. Three trades, one team, It’s Gotta be Godby!



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