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HGTV Show Good Bones and Godby Pair Up

If you live in or around Indy and are a fan of HGTV you’ve probably heard of the show Good Bones. (If you haven’t or even if you have, here is a quick rundown on the show.) Good Bones stars a mother and daughter team, Mina and Karen, who buy and fix up older, run down homes. The homes they renovate are mostly in the Fountain Square neighborhood, where they also happen to live. This female team, who own a company called Two Chicks and a Hammer, revitalize homes and the neighborhood one house at a time.

Season four of Good Bones will have 15 episodes and one of those episodes is about Mina finally tackling her own dream home. Episode one, which premieres on May 14th at 9pm will not be the dream home episode, but we are excited to find out which episode is. You may be asking. “Why the heck is Godby talking about this TV show? What does it have to do with them?”  Let me tell you.

When Mina decided to work on her own dream home, she created a partnership with Trane. Trane then needed to find an HVAC contractor who they knew would represent them well. They chose us, Godby Heating Plumbing Electrical, because they could trust Godby to produce high-quality work with our professional, highly experienced and educated team.  Our team worked with Mina and her husband Stephen to make sure they received the right equipment for their home, but more importantly, their family. Their family was no longer just the two of them and their pack of dogs, they now had baby Jack to take care of.

What episode will introduce her dream home? We don’t know yet. Will any shots of Godby installing equipment make the cut? No idea. Come back to find out how many HVAC systems Mina has in her home and where and why she put them there; what types of equipment she put in her home and the accessories she chose in order to make sure that every member of her family was feeling comfortable, dogs included!

If the folks at Trane and Good Bones choose Godby HPE for their homes, so should you! Mina and Karen aren’t the only ones making Indianapolis better one property at a time, so is Godby. So, for all of your heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical needs remember, It’s Gotta be Godby!



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