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Heating, Plumbing and Electrical Certifications

Have you ever wondered how much training the guy in your basement has that is doing the tune-up on your HVAC system? How about that electrician- does he claim that he has a license? Or that person that is putting your new water heater in- is he licensed and is he even a plumber?

These are actually great questions to ask. As a consumer, you should be aware of what the laws require of the tradesmen in your state. You may be surprised.

Obviously, we are going to talk about the requirements in Indiana, since that is where we live. We will be talking about HVAC technicians and installers, plumbers and electricians. Plumbing is one of the only trades requiring licensing by the state of Indiana. Some cities, including Indianapolis, instituted additional licensing and registration requirements. In the city, electrical, heating and cooling, and general contractors performing construction must obtain a license for the company, not for the people doing the work.


The State of Indiana requires neither HVAC technicians nor installers to hold a license. However, if a business is providing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services in Indiana, the business entity or someone within the business may be required by the local municipality (city or county) to hold a license. For example, Godby HPE’s HVAC technicians do not have licenses, but Godby holds an Air Conditioning Class A – Unrestricted License.

Just because technicians and installers are not required to have licenses doesn’t mean that they have not had training. They may have gone to a technical school or served an apprenticeship. Some of Godby’s HVAC technicians have EPA and NATE certifications. Many technicians may go to manufacturers and trade shows to learn even more about their trade. Godby provides training as well. Most work for a few years as an apprentice. This allows them to work in the field, alongside an experienced technician or installer, having some hands-on learning while gaining experience.

You’d think that any reputable company in Indiana would make sure their technicians know what they are doing, giving the best service they are able to. But how do you decipher which companies are worth using? Check with sites like Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau who help you to decide which companies give quality service. Information is based on customer reviews and lets you know if they are licensed. You can always ask to see their license! They are required to have a copy of the license on hand at all times in case a customer asks to see it.

Make sure you know who is coming into your home. For example, when you need someone to come and tune-up your furnace, are they sending an actual technician or have they sent you a salesman in a service outfit? Many companies pull this trick because they are out to sell you something. This NEVER happens at Godby. We send out a salesman when you want to see a salesman, not to fix something. We want to earn customers and have them for life, not for a quick sale.


There are no state licensing requirements for individuals performing electrical services in Indiana. Surprised? Basically, anyone off the street could tell you that they are an electrician, even if they have never even seen a switch plate. Companies or contractors that have employees that perform electrical services must have a Master License. This is all done on a county/municipal level.

Again, these requirements are for companies or contractors, not for the guy down the street that says he can upgrade your lighting for you. In every county in Indiana, in order to apply and possibly receive a license, applicants must pass some sort of written test. What is required in Avon may be completely different than the requirements of a contractor in Carmel or Greenwood, simply because they are all in different counties.

Godby HPE has a top-notch electrical department, including multiple Master Electricians. The Master Electricians also help support the team by coordinating training, making sure that everyone is up to date on codes and using Godby’s best practices.


One of the only trades that is required to have a license in Indiana is plumbing. Each plumber has to either be in school at a registered apprentice program or have a journeyman’s license. The company that employs plumbers must have a license. Every one of Godby’s plumbers either has an apprentice or a journeyman’s license.

For a journeyman license, you are required to have four years in an approved apprenticeship program or four years (6,400 hours) work experience in the trade.

The point that we are trying to get across is to know the company that you are about to hire and know the requirements of the trades. It is not an exaggeration when we say that we could hire your crazy neighbor, with no experience, in any trade, today, other than plumbing. Ask for licenses and make them show you a copy. Make sure that the company you are about to hire is licensed, bonded and insured. Do not take someone’s word for it- see the paperwork. Protect yourself, your family and your home and do not hire any Joe Schmoe off the street. Do your homework.

The Godby name has been serving the city of Indianapolis and surrounding areas for over 40 years. We are licensed, bonded and insured. We look to have customers for life, not for the quick sale. We do not believe in shady practices that trick customers into thinking they need to spend money when they have an easy fix. We are your one-stop shop for heating/cooling, plumbing and electrical services. For trustworthy, high-quality service, there is only one name you need to know- remember, It’s Gotta Be Godby.

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