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Good Bones of an HVAC System

You always want a house with good bones- solid foundation, safe electrical, reliable plumbing, a roof that doesn’t leak and an efficient HVAC system.  That “Good Bones” mentality is exactly what Mina built her HGTV show and her own forever home on. When Mina partnered with Trane to help with her home’s HVAC system, Trane knew Godby Heating Plumbing Electrical was the local business they trusted and could rely on.

What are the good bones of an HVAC system?

The short answer is it depends. (We know that’s an annoying answer, but it is true!) There are so many things that need to be factored when finding the best HVAC system for a home. We have to factor in a home’s square footage, heat loss/gain, home design (how many floors, sizing of rooms etc.), duct placement and much more! Mina’s home is almost 6,000 square feet, which includes separate quarters above the garage. With that in mind Godby decided it would be best for Mina’s home to have three dual-fuel systems and a mini-split ductless system in the garage. (You can read about the mini-split here.) In this case, a dual-fuel system is a Trane variable speed gas furnace and heat pump. (Actually, three of them.) This system is super-efficient; it has an Energy Star rating up to 97%. Bonus… it is quiet too.

What does variable speed mean?

When talking about a variable speed system, one is usually talking about the blower motor. A variable speed blower motor can adjust the speed of the motor in order to control the amount of conditioned air being dispersed throughout the household. It is regulated by the data it is getting from the system. Being able to control the airflow means your system runs more efficiently and there is better control of the temperature and humidity of your home. When turning on, a variable speed system slowly ramps up the motor speed. You won’t have the normal noisy and sudden blast of air that other systems have when turning on. This Trane system also has a variable speed draft inducer. The variable speed draft inducer helps the system be even more efficient and help keep things safer. If you haven’t dozed off yet, I will quickly explain what it does. The draft inducer is a fan located near the heat exchanger. When your system turns on, the draft inducer is one of the first things to start working. The fan blows out any combustion gases that may have been hanging around and these are vented out of your home. This turns on about 30-60 seconds before your burners are ignited. Once the burners are ignited, the draft inducer stays on to give the burners a steady source of oxygen enabling your system to run more efficiently and safely.

What is a heat pump?

Reader’s Digest version is that a heat pump transfers heat to where you need it to be. When it is cold outside and you need to warm your home, a heat pump extracts the heat from outside and brings it inside to you. (And yes, even when it is cold outside there is heat energy in the air.) When it is hot outside your heat pump will extract the heat from inside your home and removes it to the outside. The reason to have a dual fuel system is efficiency and comfort. A heat pump costs less to use. Transferring heat from one spot to another is easier and cheaper than creating heat. But when the temperature drops below freezing, as it most often does in Indiana winters, your furnace will kick in to help warm your home and the heat pump will turn off. Most often this will happen when your heat pump is having a hard time keeping up in order to keep your home warm. Think back to those winter days when it was -19°F outside and you will understand why a dual-fuel system is a great thing to have.

Godby knows good bones when it comes to your furnace and air conditioner, no matter the brand. Give us a call today and you will soon be on your way to an HVAC system you’ll love and a home that feels great!

Look for our next post on what “bells & whistles” Mina chose for her home to make sure her family was breathing easy and feeling good!



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