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From the Homefront- Listen to Your Gut: A Silent Killer

When we moved into our home which was built in 1977, we knew there were quite a few things that would need to be fixed and updated. (Unless you love wood paneling in the garage. Then you could leave it.)

Despite being in the HVAC business, it wasn’t in our immediate plans to replace our system. We knew we would have to eventually, but like we tell our customers, we planned on fixing it if a repair came up until it truly needed to be replaced. I mean, we had five dishwashers to replace! (Read this story to see what I am talking about.)

At this time, I was a SAHM with two children under the age of four, so we spent a lot of time in the house. At this time, all of us in the house started having some symptoms of being run down or having a virus- we were tired; some of us had headaches; some felt a little nauseous and I felt a little off.

I suggested that maybe it was something in the air or in the house. Living in this house was fairly new to us and being an old house, it could have been mold or something trapped in the carpet, or who knows what. When I mentioned to my husband that maybe we all felt bad because of something in the house.

I kept getting sluffed off and though it was never said, I am sure in his head, my husband was thinking I was being dramatic. 

Even though I didn’t grow up in the HVAC and construction industry, being married to someone who did, you start to learn things. I finally mentioned that maybe it was our furnace or carbon monoxide.

My husband finally relented because the furnace needed to be checked out anyway (and because I wouldn’t leave it alone) and low and behold, guess who wasn’t crazy or dramatic?

When Godby came to check our furnace the technician told me, “Get your kids and get out of here right now.” The heat exchanger had cracked on our furnace and was leaking carbon monoxide at an alarming rate.

Well, if this wasn’t a lesson in listening to your gut I don’t know what was. Another lesson is to make sure you have carbon monoxide detectors in your home.

Go get one or two. Do it, now. (By the way, we were all okay and we did have our furnace replaced and installed carbon monoxide detectors.)

You may think this is a strange thing to happen to someone who is in the business, but we are human. Carbon monoxide detectors were on our list of things to buy for the new house, it just hadn’t happened yet. I hope you’ll make it a priority after hearing our story.

Remember, carbon monoxide is a colorless, tasteless and odorless gas. It is a silent killer. The symptoms can sometimes be mistaken for something else. Be safe out there, folks. And don’t hesitate to call or text Godby when you need help with your furnace or carbon monoxide detectors.



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