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Godby Blog

Godby Blog

Good Bones of an HVAC System

You always want a house with good bones- solid foundation, safe electrical, reliable plumbing, a roof that doesn’t leak and an efficient HVAC system.  That “Good Bones” mentality is exactly what Mina built her HGTV show and her own forever home on. When Mina partnered with Trane to help with her home’s HVAC system, Trane […]

The Mini-Split Debut

If you caught the HGTV’s Good Bones Season 4, Episode 4 titled “Mina’s Forever Home,” you may have seen some work by Godby. Our guys who worked on her home did not get their 15 min (or even 15 seconds) of fame, but the Mitsubishi mini-split we installed did! For a special surprise, Mina kept the final […]

Fully Insulated, Compact Duct Design

Split-ductless systems eliminate the need for long duct runs which compromise energy efficiency through leakage and impact occupant health by accumulating harmful particulates. Given how ducts in poorly designed systems can harbor bacteria, mold and dust mites, limiting ductwork can make for a healthier home. Reducing ductwork can also increase durability given how flex ductwork […]

3 Energy-Saving Thermostat Tips

Summertime in central Indiana can be brutal. With rising temperatures and high humidity, staying cool is a serious challenge. To sweat less—indoors, at least—it’s important to have a good relationship with your home’s thermostat. Why? It’s pretty simple: your thermostat tells your HVAC system what you want it to do. If your home’s too hot, […]

HGTV Show Good Bones and Godby Pair Up

If you live in or around Indy and are a fan of HGTV you’ve probably heard of the show Good Bones. (If you haven’t or even if you have, here is a quick rundown on the show.) Good Bones stars a mother and daughter team, Mina and Karen, who buy and fix up older, run down homes. The homes they renovate […]

What You Need to Know About Mini-Splits

Here is a quick reference guide to answers some of the most commonly ask questions regarding mini-split or ductless heating and cooling unit. 

Flushable Wipes

Look, we know that sometimes you may have that “not so fresh feeling” after using the bathroom. And sometimes things don’t go quite as one would hope in that area, especially with kids. Many have opted to use flushable wipes to combat their problems “down there.” What may seem like an answer to your bathroom […]

How to Avoid Frozen Pipes

Frigid temperatures can create major plumbing problems. Frozen or cracked pipes and leaks are no one’s friend. When temperatures drop, the pipes in your home are at risk. Pipes in unheated interior spaces, (think garage, basement and attic) are most at risk, but pipes running through cabinets and your home’s exterior walls can also freeze. […]

To the Extreme- Baring the Bitter Cold

Even if you live under a rock, the meteorologists won’t let you avoid the drama over the extreme temperatures. It’s true, we all need to be prepared for the cold and understand what can make these subzero conditions so dangerous. Let’s get to your furnace. Your furnace will be working overtime. A typical furnace in […]

Bigger Is Not Better

Previously, some builders may have selected oversized HVAC systems in the hopes of guaranteeing comfort and limiting callbacks but this approach is costly and inefficient, particularly in homes with tight thermal envelopes. Instead of providing comfort, an oversized system creates temperature swings and wastes energy by short cycling: constantly turning on and off. Short cycling […]

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