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Best Workouts For At Home

Sweat It Out in Comfort

It is the start of a new year and a new decade. Everywhere people are talking about their resolutions and goals for the year. You want to get your mom/dad bod back in better shape and to overall live a healthier lifestyle. No one is talking about abs of steel, but you should watch less Netflix and maybe dust off the treadmill and actually use it from time to time. 

You are motivated to get started on this new you. You made a new playlist. You dusted off that treadmill and even figured out some of the best workouts you could do at home. You grab your water bottle, start up your tunes and do your best to get stretched and warmed up. You are five minutes into your “new you” program and the exercise room feels like a sauna. Sweat is dripping off of you like rain on a windshield and you can barely breathe. Maybe it’s just because you are out of shape, but maybe it’s because that exercise room is just as hot as the rest of the house, which you now realize is not ideal for working out. 

Finish your workout, rehydrate and then give Godby a call! No need to give up on your goals when there is a simple solution. Install a mini-split ductless system in your exercise room. With a mini-split, you and any other member of your crew can adjust the temperature of the exercise room to their liking without adjusting anything in the rest of the house. It’s own little exercise zone of comfort!

Whether you are into Jane Fonda, Jillian Michaels, yoga with Kai Lenny or your new Peloton bike, you’ll be sweating in a room that is the perfect temperature for you. Call Godby, the experts in ductless systems and have us install a mini-split right away!

Take advantage of our $250 Instate Rebate on Mini Splits today!



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