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Best time to replace your air conditioner

When is the best time to purchase an air conditioner? 

The easy and obvious answer is, when it breaks and it’s no longer worth fixing! But, planning for next summer is another great option.

Look, we know we are nearing the end of summer, at least when it comes to kids going back to school, but we do have a few hot months left. Forget pencils and backpacks for a minute and think air conditioners. August and September can bring temperatures in the 90’s and October can even produce temperatures in the 80’s. If your air conditioning has needed repairs or simply isn’t cooling as it used to, now and into fall is the perfect time to replace your unit.

On average, the lifespan of your air conditioning system tends to be about 15 years. Outside factors like maintenance, usage and even some environmental factors can alter this average. So, if you have to call in for repairs and you seem to be looking this 15 year average in the eye, it could be time for a new unit.

So how do you know if it is time to replace your air conditioning unit? Again, if you are having to call in for repairs or it isn’t cooling as well as it once was, it is probably time. A Godby technician will be honest with you. We have told countless customers that repairing their unit is the better option and to wait it out. Other companies will tell you to get a new AC unit even if it is more economical for you to fix it. (They start this around the eight year mark.) They want the quick, easy sale. Godby wants a customer for life and we do that by being honest. We send out a technician when your unit needs to be fixed, not a salesman dressed as a technician. Make sure you know the difference. Be an informed consumer.

If you have had your air conditioning go out in the middle of the summer, you know what it feels like to sit in a sauna with all of your clothes on while your children whine in your ear. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? You also know that you are one of many having the same problem and Godby can’t always get to you right away. Now, even if we are able to get to your house right away and your unit can’t be fixed, you may still be a few days out from getting a new air conditioner. So what now? Be prepared.

Think end of summer, beginning of fall (autumn) for an air conditioner replacement. Usually, if your unit hasn’t completely broken yet, it may not this season. And you may be more worried about back to school clothes and buying 14 packs of tissues for the teachers, but now really is the time. If you wait until next summer, you will be in the same situation you are now. Technicians are busy with maintenance and other units breaking and you will be in line just like everyone else.

Fall is mid-season for the HVAC world. It isn’t as hot as hades and it isn’t as cold as ice. You have days to open windows and air out the stale summer funk and so a day or so getting your new HVAC isn’t a big deal. No sweating your you know whats off, just easy breezy. During autumn you are not going to compete with emergency “no cool” calls. No line!

Don’t replace your unit when you have to stand in line, do it in the fall when you have plenty of time. Call Godby Heating Plumbing Electrical for an upfront, no gimmicks estimate on an air conditioning replacement and install. And for all of your heating/cooling, plumbing and electrical needs, remember, It’s Gotta be Godby!




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