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6 Reasons You Need a Furnace Tune-up Every Year

We’ve heard it all before- “My furnace is fine.”  or “That is a waste of money.” and “I forgot and now there’s no use in getting one. “ Godby is never in the business of selling you something you don’t need. We pride ourselves on being upfront about pricing, any issues we find in your home and fixing only what needs to be fixed.  No games or gimmicks. Therefore, we promise you getting a tune-up every year is not a bill of goods we are selling you and here is why.

As you know, your furnace is a machine. Just like any other machine, they need to be maintained. From a car to your own body, you need to take care of it, fuel it, fix something that is broken and try to keep bad things out. Doing these basic things ensures that a machine lasts longer, runs more efficiently which costs you less money in the long run. The following are the reasons you should have your furnace tuned-up every year.

  1. The Flow

    A Godby technician will check to make sure your furnace has proper airflow. Proper airflow allows your furnace to run as it was meant to. When the airflow is restricted it puts strain on your furnace. This continual strain can cause you to need more repairs and reduce the lifespan of your furnace. Not only that, your furnace will run less efficiently. All of this can equal more money out of your pocket, which no one likes.

  2. Tick Tock

    They say that time is money and when it comes to furnace maintenance, this rings true. Get that annual tune-up before the weather gets cold. No one likes to turn on their heat only to find out there is a problem. Get your furnace checked out before you need to turn it on. It is easier to schedule it a convenient time. Also, who wants to wait for a Service Tech, shivering, because you could have caught an issue when you didn’t need it? No one. In the end, if you had taken the time in the fall to get your tune-up, it wouldn’t cost you as much time or money than when the need becomes urgent.

  3. Repair Reducer

    The coulda, shoulda, wouldas will be haunting you when you find out the repair you just needed done could have been avoided with regular maintenance. A furnace tune-up can catch those small problems before they turn into major repairs. Plus, your furnace will be cleaned that will help it run more efficiently.

  4. Efficiency

    We have said it and we will say it again- a dirty furnace is not an efficient furnace. Imagine you have to do some work that requires support from your lungs. Let’s just say you have to shovel the driveway. Now, what if I told you that while shoveling the driveway you could only breath through a straw? It would be pretty dang tough, wouldn’t it? That is what your furnace is going through if it is dirty. It is trying to do it’s job and in order to do that job, it has to work harder and harder because it is so dirty. Just like you are not meant to shovel snow while breathing through a straw, your furnace was not built to maintain a comfortable temperature in your house while being dirty. The harder it works, the less efficient it becomes. This causes things to break and shut down and in the end causes you to spend money on repairs and a higher utility bill.

  5. The Fine Print

    People rarely read the fine print. Here is the truth. When your furnace is under a manufacturer’s warranty, most stipulate that your warranty becomes void if your furnace is not regularly maintained. Do the tune-up, no problems with your warranty.

  6. The Cool Kids Club

    At Godby, we try to make things as easy for you as possible. Join Club Godby and your annual HVAC tune-ups are included at no additional cost to you. Not only that, but we will call and remind you when you tune-up needs to be done-one less thing for you have to worry about! Should you need repairs, Club Godby gives you 20% off.  Simplify your life, join the club and become a cool kid because it’s cool to be a member of Club Godby!

Now is the perfect time schedule a tune-up with Godby Heating Plumbing Electrical. Call today or schedule an appointment online. Not only will you be able to mark that one off your list, but you’ll also get to see one of our super fly technicians. Talk about a win/win situation!

Hey! Don’t forget that we also do plumbing and electrical service. Need a new water softener or some security lighting outside? Godby can do that! For all you heating/cooling, plumbing and electrical needs, remember, “It’s Gotta be Godby!”



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