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Will A New Furnace Save Me Money?

Many ask whether a new furnace will lower your heating bill and the easy answer is yes. But, before we get in to the details, lets define what we mean by a furnace. A furnace is gas/propane powered. If you use electricity to heat your home then it is called an air handler or a heat pump. In a furnace, the air that comes in is blown over a gas burner, heating the air. That heated air is then blown into ductwork that pushes it to the desired areas in your home.

Older furnaces usually are around 80% efficient. With an 80% efficient furnace, think of it this way, for every 100 dollars that you spend on gas/propane, 20 dollars is lost. It is wasted and thrown away. Therefore, for every dollar you pay for energy, only 80 cents of your dollar is going to convert energy into heat. What a waste of your money.

These days most people put in furnaces that are at least 92% efficient, with the option of putting one in that is up to 96% efficient. Right there, you are immediately gaining at least 12% in efficiency, money that is not wasted. In turn, this is like having 92 to 96 cents out of a dollar that is not wasted and going to convert energy into heat.

On top of the efficiency of the furnace you buy, there are some other options. All furnaces have fans. For some furnaces it is simple, the fan is either on or it is off. When it is on, the fan is running full bore, blowing air through the ducts. You can also get a furnace that has a variable speed fan. A variable speed fan adjusts how much air is moving. The fan will slow down to save energy, only blowing as fast as it needs to in order to satisfy the thermostat, thus saving you money on your electrical bill by not running the fan at full power.

A regular furnace is usually what is called a single stage furnace. There are also two-stage furnaces and modulating furnaces. These stages do not make your furnace more efficient; they make your house more comfortable. With a single stage furnace, you tend to feel the hot and cold in a room, you feel like there is a bit of a chill in the room. Then, your furnace kicks on, blasting hot air into the room. It heats the room rather quickly, but then all of a sudden, you may feel kind of hot. This cycle continues.

A two-stage furnace is the next step up. Instead of blasting the super hot heat in to raise the temperature, it will run longer, at a more comfortable temperature. Because of this, you will not feel the chill/hot cycles that you may feel with a single stage furnace. The top tier is a modulating furnace. This has many, usually 13, smaller stages that it uses in order to warm your home and satisfy the thermostat. It will first try the lower setting, looking to get the temperature where it needs to. It gradually increases, as it needs to in order to satisfy the thermostat. Again, it will run longer, but at more comfortable speeds.

Many utility companies give rebates to those who install new high efficient furnaces. The amount of the rebate depends on the company and the type of furnace you install. For example, some utility companies offer around a $150 rebate for a 95% efficient furnace. Where you will really see the savings is if you get a variable speed furnace, like we talked about above. This is where you will see the savings on your actual utility bill. And remember, not only will this save your more money, but it should make your home more comfortable too.

Like your older furnace, your new furnace should have a nice, long life. They usually last at least 15-18 years. As long as your furnace is maintained regularly, this statistic should hold true. Despite taking good care of your furnace, older equipment will eventually become less dependable, simply because of its age, and therefore require more repairs. These repairs could cost upwards of hundreds of dollars and will not be permanent.

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