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Finding an ‘Electrician Near Me’

While some home projects are a great opportunity to try out DIY skills, electrical repairs are not. Attempting to complete electrical work without the proper experience or tools is a hazard for your home and your health. Incorrect repairs may cause permanent damage or severely injure those involved. If you are experiencing electrical problems or need other electrical services, it is best to find an electrician near you. There are many situations which may call for an electrician including:

  • Blown fuse
  • Loss of power during storms
  • Tripped breaker
  • Fixtures need to be hung 
  • Surge issues
  • Installation requiring electrical work

If you experience any of the above issues or other electrical problems, be sure to consult the nearest electrician. 

Choose Godby 

Godby offers residential and commercial electrical services in the Indianapolis Metro area.  Our licensed bonded electrical contractors repair any of your electric needs. We are available 24/7 and offer emergency service. Our professional electricians are highly trained to handle all electrical work and prioritize customer service. 

Godby Electrical Services

    • Electrical Panels/ Breaker Boxes– We ensure your electrical panel has enough power to sustain your household needs. We can install a new one or update your existing one. 
    • Whole House Generators–  We permanently install a whole house generator on a concrete pad in your yard to offer days of backup electricity in the case of an outage. 
    • Arc Fault Breakers– Break the circuit when it detects a risky electrical arc to protect your family and home. 
    • Surge Protection– Channel extra voltage to the outlet’s grounding wire to prevent a surge. 
  • Outlets and GFCI’s- Prevent dangerous voltage spikes from electrical appliances. 
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors- We make sure you have a working smoke and carbon monoxide detector that is hard-wired with battery backup to keep your family safe. 
  • Low Voltage Cabling, Phone/TV/Data Networking- We install and repair low voltage cabling and lines for phone, data, and TV. 
  • Interior and Exterior Lighting Fixtures- We are glad to help with ceiling fan installation, deck or sensor lights, and any other house lighting needs. 
  • Landscape Lighting- Bring your yard to the next level with landscape lighting. It provides a beautiful ambiance, while also improving the security around your home. 
  • Decorative Lighting and Ceiling Fans- Upgrade or install overhead lighting, ceiling fans, chandeliers, or other modern fixtures. 
  • Electrical Troubleshooting and Repairs- Call Godby for any electrical service including repairs, replacements, or new construction.

Godby offers the best electrical contractors in Indianapolis. The expertly trained electricians at Godby provide the highest- quality workmanship at an affordable price. With Godby, you can feel completely confident with your electrical work and customer service. Visit our website, call us at (317) 708-4912, or send an email to for a free estimate.



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