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Flushable Wipes and Their Effects on Plumbing

Flushable Wipes and Their Effects on Plumbing

Look, we know that sometimes you may have that “not so fresh feeling” after using the bathroom. And sometimes things don’t go quite as one would hope in that area, especially with kids. Many have opted to use flushable wipes to combat their problems “down there.” What may seem like an answer to your bathroom […]

How to Avoid Frozen Pipes

Frigid temperatures can create major plumbing problems. Frozen or cracked pipes and leaks are no one’s friend. When temperatures drop, the pipes in your home are at risk. Pipes in unheated interior spaces, (think garage, basement and attic) are most at risk, but pipes running through cabinets and your home’s exterior walls can also freeze. […]

Waste Not, Want Not

It’s hot out and you’ve noticed from your bill that your water usage has gone up. You owe it to thirsty people, watering gardens, more showers due to sweaty bodies and more toilet flushing due to more people around. (Well, that is if your kids and their friends actually flush the toilet regularly). It is […]

Summer Plumbing Problems

School is out for summer! Pool time, grilling out, catching lightning bugs and evenings on the deck with neighbors all sound amazing. And they are! But summer also can bring some common plumbing problems.

7 Things Every Homeowner Should Know

1 – Don’t Trust the Labels In your main breaker panel, you may see labels or a general list of which breaker controls which circuit. As a rule of thumb, they are a good guide, but aren’t fool proof, especially if you aren’t the original owner. 2 – Know Where Your Main Water Shutoff Valve […]

In Between Time-Spring Maintenance

It’s that in between time- you know, when Mother Nature is playing with us. Some days we have snow and the next we are cruising down the road with our sunroof open. But this time of year is a great time to get a jump on your annual home maintenance projects and responsibilities.  If you […]

It’s In The Name

Most of you know that here at Godby we service and install heating and air conditioning. People hear Godby and that’s what they know- heating and air conditioning. (If you are new to the Indianapolis HVAC world, Godby has been taking care of heating and air conditioning for our customers for over 40 years, hence […]

The Daily Grind: The Life Of A Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are a convenient and well-used addition to any kitchen. Dumped with food scraps, vegetable peels and whatever else we want to get rid of, these little machines get a lot of abuse.  Before you create a backed up, clogged up mess, read what you need to do to help make your disposal last. […]

The 10 Things Plumbers Wish You Were Privy To

Know your limits. With all of the DIYing these days, some can get carried away. Go ahead and tackle painting that side table, but leave most of the plumbing up to an expert. Speaking of DIY… When those weekend projects don’t get well, we get called early Monday morning. We will do our best to […]

Greenwood Asks Homeowners to Check Sump Pumps

If you live in Greenwood then you have been recently alerted that the sanitary sewer systems are in overload right now. But what does that mean, why is this happening and what do you need to do? A city’s sanitary system takes wastewater from your homes and businesses and treats the water so it can […]

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