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Top 10 Things Plumbers Wish You Were Privy To. Woman smiling holding a glass of water in her kitchen.

The 10 Things Plumbers Wish You Were Privy To

10. Know your limits. With all of the DIYing these days, some can get carried away. Go ahead and tackle painting that side table but leave most of the plumbing up to an expert. 

9. Speaking of DIY… When those weekend projects don’t get well, we get called early Monday morning. We will do our best to get to you as fast as we can. I promise. 

8. Clear it out. When we are coming into your home to work under a sink, cleaning that area out ahead of time would be appreciated. Saves time, which saves you money. Plus, your cabinet is a small enough space to work in without having to battle your personal items.

7. Flushable wipes aren’t really flushable. They cause many a backup because they don’t break down like good ole t.p. does.

6. Be aware of what you are putting through your pipes. Don’t pour corrosive cleaners down your drains. These eat away at your pipes and can cause a bigger problem than you already have.

5. Pipes are not for hanging clothes on. They can break and flood the area. Don’t take the chance and get yourself a clothing rod.

4. If your washer has a rubber hose to drain it, replace it. The top insurance claim for homeowners is a burst pipe from the washer.

3. Quit using your garbage disposal as a trash can. Never pour grease or fat into the disposal. It will stick to your pipes and clog them. Avoid putting foods like celery, potato peels, asparagus and rice. These foods will cling, stick and expand or are stringy. Always use cold water while running the garbage disposal.

2. When you leave for vacation, turn off your main water valve. There is nothing worse than coming home from a trip to find a lake in your house.

1. Make sure everyone in your household knows where the main water shut off is and label it with a tag. If it is labeled, then, when you are all a tizzy because your house is flooding, there is no question whether you are turning the correct valve off.

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