Do You Like Your Toilet?

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You may not put a lot of thought into your toilet, but the average time someone spends on their toilet is 5,767 hours in their lifetime. Heck, men spend an average of almost 856 days of their life on the toilet. That’s about 2 years and 25 days. (I would imagine since the invention of smartphones that number has increased.) Women, on the other hand, spend an average of 770 days of their life on the toilet. 

However long you are spending on your throne, did you know you have options to make your experience a little more pleasant?


Toilets come in different heights. And just to keep things clear, when we are talking height, we mean from the floor to where you are places your bum. This can also be called bowl or chair height. The standard height for toilets is 14-15 inches from the floor. This works well for us shorties, but anyone who is a bit taller may be more interested in installing a taller toilet. This is what is called comfort height otherwise known as ADA height. The height of the comfort/ADA height toilet is around 20 inches. This height is perfect for long legged folks and people who cannot not or prefer not to squat as low as a traditional height toilet. 


A traditional toilet bowl is considered to be a round bowl. So, what is the advantage of an elongated bowl? One of the main reasons is comfort. They seem to be able to accommodate people, no matter the size. The longer shape enables it to balance weight better-best for all booty sizes! Elongated bowls are usually on comfort-height toilets, so they are once again, better for taller folks or ones that have more limited mobility. The elongated bowl is also a more modern look versus the standard round bowl.


Yes, even toilets have updated technology. When it comes to flushing, most standard toilets are considered gravity-fed toilets. They have a flush valve that relies on gravity meaning when you flush the water drops downward pulling the waste with it. Most gravity-fed toilets work well enough, making sure everything goes down with one flush, but we all know that isn’t always the case. There are also pressure-assist toilets, also known as power flush toilets. They have a sealed pressure tank that contains air and water. This tank traps air. As it fills with water the tank uses the pressure from the water supply line to compress the trapped air inside. When you flush, the compressed air forces water into the bowl and forces or pushes the waste out. These toilets are louder, but if you have someone who tends to fill the bowl, say a kid who loves TP or a clog-happy tenant, you are less likely to have a clog. 

Toilets come in all different shapes, sizes, heights and even colors. You don’t have to settle for a mediocre toilet. Godby can replace a toilet you have already purchased, or we can help you pick one out and get it ordered and installed for you. We do repairs on all toilets too. Whether you are looking for a toilet modernization and upgrade or simply need a repair on your trusty throne, It’s Gotta be Godby!

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