Is That Furnace Really Free?

Is That Furnace Really Free?

In the words of the great Mr. T, “I pity the fool” who believes the too good to be true offers many HVAC companies are touting lately. Look, we know you want to save money and get a deal. We know that a new HVAC system is a big investment. But you need to make sure you are careful about these “deals.” If it seems too good to be true, it usually is. 

The Godby name has been in business in the HVAC industry for over 50 years. Over the past five decades we have heard the same promises over and over. Shall we review some of them?

“Get a free air conditioner when you purchase a furnace.”

“Get a free furnace when you purchase an air conditioner.”

“We just found extra inventory in our warehouse! This oversight on our part means a huge discount for you!”

“We over bought on our inventory and need to make room in our warehouse. We need to move these units fast.”

“We are offering this (too good to be true) discount to keep our crew busy.”

“Your response to our (too good to be true) deal was so great, we are extending this deal so no one will miss out.”

Do these deals look and sound familiar? I am sure they do, and man can they be enticing, especially when you need a new HVAC system, but I can assure you these deals are not what they seem. There is no company that can afford to do business this way. 

Here are some tips on how these “deals” and “discounts” are usually handled. 

The “free” unit (furnace or AC) is not free. They simply jack up your price to cover their costs. Make sure you get a second opinion with a quote, and you compare the quotes apples to apples. This means you check the brand, model, size, stages etc. of the equipment quoted. Are they the same? Check your labor charges. Ask what other things may come up during installation. Unforeseen charges are another area where a company may look to recoup costs. 

A good company doesn’t just find equipment in their warehouse they didn’t know existed. And no company, especially with the supply chain issues we are having right now, is over buying on HVAC equipment and needing to get rid of it. 

Yes, we do have slow seasons in the HVAC business and yes, we need to keep our crews busy, but there is no way any company can afford to hand out free HVAC equipment to 10, 50, or 100 customers, much less extend that so-called deal into the next month. 

At Godby Heating Plumbing Electrical we believe in authenticity. You won’t see us offering crazy discounts just to get in your door and upsell you or upcharge you. Godby doesn’t operate this way. And do you really want to start out a relationship with a lie? We don’t. 

If you want a company you can trust, all you need to remember is, “It’s Gotta be Godby!”

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