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Equipment Hide and Seek

In a world full of Pinterest, DIY shows and websites like Houzz, it’s hard not to want to make every square inch of your home look its best. We know that a furnace or water heater may not go with your decorating, but they are pretty darn important. But what if they happen to be in a part of your home that is visible and you want to hide them? You can Pinterest your heart out looking for the coolest way to disguise them, but there are some important things to consider before you do.

We will assume that when your furnace, water heater or whatever equipment you are looking to cover was put in, it was done by a professional and done to code and to the manufacturer’s specifications. Therefore, as it sits right now, the equipment is perfect except that on a sexiness scale of one to 10, it ranks a measly one in your book. Before creating a sliding pallet wall or folding screen with rice paper inserts, please consider the following:

  1. Whatever the equipment you want to hide, you need to make sure it is accessible. This equipment will need to be serviced at some point and maintained regularly. You may have to change filters, light pilots and fix or add parts. A person will not be able to see the equipment, much less change a filter with only enough room for a small child to scoot by. Make sure that a large-bodied human being would be able to squat down, lie down, bend over, look in all the nooks and crannies, change parts and pull out and replace that huge filter.
  1. Never ever place anything flammable near a piece of equipment. Hanging Grandma’s lace curtains are not a good option to cover your equipment. Also, don’t create a paint can or turpentine pyramid to hide your equipment. No one wants their ping pong game ruined because Grandma’s curtains around the water heater burst into flames.
  1. Ventilation is key. Sometimes you find water heaters and other equipment in closets. Do not think you can go all DIY and just close in a piece of equipment and all will be OK. Proper ventilation is required. Please contact a professional to ensure the closet you want to build is in line with codes.  

We know you want your home to look nice and reflect your style, but do not compromise safety for style. Keeping your equipment working properly, your home comfortable and your family safe is more important than winning a prize for the best Ikea hack to hide your furnace.

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