HVAC Problem Areas

Raise your hand if you have a room or area of the house that is never the right temperature?  This is a common problem people run into with their HVAC systems. If a house isn’t properly ducted, doesn’t have the right system or your heating/cooling zone is rather large, you are going to run into this issue.  Remember, your system regulates the temperature of a zone based on wherever the sensor is. Most of the time, the only sensor in a house is wherever the thermostat is located. So, you’re probably thought that unless you are willing to rezone your house and move and/or add ductwork and sensors, you were out of luck.

You’re not. Godby can help.

Here are some problem areas you may be dealing with in your home:
  • Master bedroom/second floor is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter
  • An exercise room that needs to be cooler when you are sweating away in it
  • A room above the garage that can’t regulate its temperature because of the space below it
  • A garage that you like to piddle around in
  • A sunroom
  • A bonus room
  • An addition to your house
  • A three or four season room
  • Your basement
  • An at home office
A ductless mini-split is a cost-effective way to solve these common household HVAC issues. What is a mini-split? Watch this video by Mitsubishi Electric Heating & Cooling to get the low down. Whatever heating or cooling problem you are looking to solve, Godby has the solution! Call or text Godby Heating Plumbing Electrical today and we can solve that problem right away!

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