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Dehumidifier Pros and Cons

Dehumidifier Pros and Cons

Lately, we have had high humidity here in Indiana. The air has been thick and hot making us feel sluggish. If it is hot and humid outside, we all want to make sure we keep our home feeling comfortable. A dehumidifier can be just the thing to keep your home’s humidity level at a level perfect for you!

Imagine sitting outside. What feels better? 70° at 80% humidity or 70° at 40% humidity? The latter, right? The same goes for your home. If your home is set to cool and maintain a temperature of 70° but you have a humidity level of 80% your HVAC unit is working hard to maintain that 70° mark. With a dehumidifier you are able to set the system to maintain an ideal humidity level (usually around 40%) keeping your home feeling good and giving your air conditioner a break.

Excess moisture in a home can cause mold and bacteria growth which is hard on allergies, respiratory problems and your home and the equipment inside it. A whole house dehumidifier is an easy way to eliminate excess moisture and make your home more comfortable. You may be wondering what some of the pros and cons are of a dehumidifier, so Godby did the recon for you.


  • It is easy to install.
  • A whole-home dehumidifier has its own drain so you do not have to empty the water out like you do with portable units.
  • Excess moisture in homes and basements cause odors and promote mold growth. This mold and bacteria can damage foundations, rot wood and damage equipment. A dehumidifier can remove the moisture that causes such problems.
  • Excess moisture wreaks havoc on your health, causing illness, respiratory problems and allergies. Dehumidifiers can remove the excess moisture in your home that is causing your family to feel sick.
  • When you help reduce humidity, your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard keeping your home at your predesignated temperature.
  • They are not noisy like the portable units
  • You can set your preferred humidity level for your home and family’s comfort.
  • Godby will make sure you get the unit which is right for your home.


  • Just like all equipment, a dehumidifier needs regular maintenance.
  • Some say your energy usage goes up with installing a dehumidifier, but your air conditioner will not have to run as much, so it is pretty much a wash.

When you have Godby install an Aprilaire dehumidifier, everybody gets a break—your health, your home and your HVAC system. Call Godby Heating Plumbing Electrical today to stay cool!

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