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What Does That Mean? The Difference Between HVAC And AC

In every business there are terms or acronyms that are used. They are meant to make things easier, but when you are an outsider to the business it can be a little confusing at times. Not sure what in the world HVAC, AC and HVACR mean? Don’t just nod like you know; instead, read on and be in the know!

What is the difference between HVAC and AC?

HVAC stand for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. This term can be used in both residential and commercial but is usually reserved for residential. The term HVAC includes both your heating system, no matter if you use a boiler or a heat pump, and your cooling system, as well as the ventilation. The ventilation comes into play with both systems. Ventilation is the changing and replacing of air in order to get you the highest air quality available. Ventilation can include the removal of odors, dirt, excessive moisture, bacteria and whatever else is lurking in the space you are conditioning. So, as you can probably guess, AC is simply Air Conditioning—no more no less. Cool? Let’s move on.

What about the “R” I sometimes see at the end of HVAC. What does that mean?

That “R” stands for refrigeration, and you usually see it as HVACR. With refrigeration you are looking to transfer heat from a specific area to another and keep that specific area cold. For example, you don’t want hot beers for Monday Night Football, so your refrigerator uses a process to remove heat from your beer fridge and keeps that sucker cold, equaling cold beer for you. The same thing happens on a larger scale to a building. Restaurants, grocery stores and your favorite beer distributer use refrigeration to keep food, beverages, flowers and other items cold.

And then there is “G.” G stand for Godby, the best dang company around. Even we at Godby shorten our name to make it easier. Godby Heating Plumbing Electrical (no commas, no and) often gets shortened to Godby HPE. (Read the last sentence again in case you forgot what it stands for.)

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