Top 6 Cool Plumbing Holiday Gifts

Here Are The Top 6 Plumbing Holiday Gifts!

Want to find a cool gift for your loved one that is also an upgrade for your home? Let our plumber (who sorta resembles Santa) upgrade your home. Here are some gift ideas from Godby that are sure winners!

1. LED Light Up Showerhead

Install a LED showerhead with changing colors. The lights will pair nicely with your favorite tunes. Even the kid who hates showers will be dying to clean off.

2. LED Light Up Showerhead and Bluetooth Speaker

Up your game and get the two in one combo! This showerhead pairs to your smart phone for your favorite songs while the LED lights illuminate. You will feel like a rock star while you get clean.

3. Water Bottle Filler

Whether you are a parent of kids, an avid exerciser or simply love to stay hydrated a water bottle filler is a perfect upgrade for your home. Have it installed in an exercise room, mudroom, garage, or office. It is a convenient way to keep the kids from dragging the outdoors in, just to get a drink. And if in an exercise room, never be without water while you are sweating those holiday pounds off.

4. Instahot

Who wants to wait around for hot water? That is about as exciting as watching water boil. With an Instahot you can have instant hot water for your tea, hot chocolate, oatmeal or ramen noodles. Installs easily on most kitchen sinks.

5. Touchless Faucet

Keep those dirty hands off the faucet. A touchless faucet allows you to get water without spreading germs from raw meat or if you have dirty hands. With a swoop of the hands, water turns on like magic!

6. Bidet

For all of you fancy pants out there who love a clean hiney, a bidet is for you! Heated seat, warm water cleans and heated dry makes sure you stay clean from skid marks. Not to mention, if you run out of toilet paper, you are in the clear.

Godby can do much more, but I would never suggest you buy a water heater, water softener or garbage disposal for a gift. Let Godby put the ho, ho, ho in your holidays and some fun in your bathroom!

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