Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas

Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas!

When it comes to gift giving, Godby knows what’s tending. Who needs Uggs or a new game console when you can get the newest and coolest enhancements for your home? The holidays are for giving, but it is also the time to get those things you’ve been wanting. Godby can help make your life easier and a lot more fun.

10. Bidet

What is better than a clean hiney? Upgrade your master bathroom and have the ultimate in experiences while on your throne. A Toto bidet will ensure your nether regions are clean with a warm gentle spray. It is followed up by warm air drying. So fancy!

9. EV Charger

Despite what the commercials say, Santa is not bringing you that Lexus or Mercedes this year. That red bow will look even better on your new EV charging station. Help keep that Tesla charged up so you can do your holiday shopping and get to your holiday parties and get togethers. 

8. Smart Thermostat

Do you still walk over to your thermostat and have only two-three generic buttons to try and keep your entire home comfortable? There is a simple solution. Wouldn’t you rather be the boss of your home and control your HVAC system (and much, much more) from anywhere in the world? A smart thermostat is your answer to smart living.

7. Ring Doorbell

Ho, ho, ho- It is easy to see what Santa’s elves are delivering to your home with a Ring Doorbell. Also, keep those porch pirates at bay by letting them know you have them on camera should they try something shady. You’ll be letting Santa know they need to be added to the naughty list.

6. Bluetooth Exhaust Fan

What is functional and fun? A Bluetooth exhaust fan will pull the humidity out of your bathroom and help keep that “not so fresh” scent moving elsewhere. Connect your phone to it, turn up your tunes and do a little singing in the shower.

5. Bluetooth Showerhead

f you’d rather upgrade your showerhead to practice singing your showtunes, you can opt for the Bose Bluetooth Showerhead. Great water pressure, a rechargeable speaker and loud singing make for a fun time!

4. LED Showerhead

Let’s continue the party… Pair the Bluetooth exhaust fan with the LED showerhead and feel like you are on stage. Belt out your favorite songs while colored LED lights cast down on you. You are a star in the making!

3. Instahot

In a world of instant gratification, Instahot allows you instant hot water on demand. Make it easy for you or your kids to make a cup of hot chocolate or tea or a bowl of oatmeal. You can tell your teen it’s for their midnight bowl of ramen. 

2. USB Outlets

Upgrade your outlets to keep up with technology. Get USB outlets that have USB-A and USB-C ports. We can’t guarantee that the kids won’t still steal your chords, but you won’t need a charging block anymore. Upgrade single outlets or let us help you create a charging station.


1. Water Bottle Filler

Hey soccer moms and workout fanatics we have you covered! Have a water bottle filler installed in your garage, mudroom, kitchen or workout room. With a water bottle filler, you can keep your kids hydrated while keeping them from dragging the outdoors in. When you’re concentrating on getting your sweat on, no need to trudge to another room, simply fill ‘er up!

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