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Prepping Your Pipes for the Winter Weather

Winters in Indiana can be harsh. Below freezing temperatures are hard on everyone, but winter’s effects aren’t limited to your fingers, toes and nose: freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on your plumbing. Damage from frozen and burst pipes can cost thousands of dollars, and the repair costs aren’t always covered by homeowner’s insurance. To avoid costly mishaps, follow these steps, or simply call your neighbors, Godby HPE.

Prepare Outdoor Faucets

Water easily gets trapped between outdoor hoses and faucets, freezing and bursting the pipes in the winter. A simple prevention step is to remove your hoses from outdoor faucets and store them before the first freeze. 

Wrap Pipes in Unheated Areas 

A burst pipe in winter is truly a homeowner’s nightmare. Even with the residual heat from your furnace or electrical heaters, exposed and cold pipes can easily freeze in cold weather. 


To prevent exposed pipes from freezing and bursting, purchase and apply heat tape or pipe insulation from your local hardware store. Some kits may include a thermostat or thermometer for monitoring. If you’re uncomfortable installing the heat tape or insulation yourself, Godby is happy to help!


Inspect your pipes, furnace and water heater, ideally before the first freeze of the year. If that date has passed, don’t hesitate any longer! Tune-ups and regular maintenance of your home will make a huge difference in your monthly costs, and the prevention of larger future repairs cannot be stressed enough. Change your furnace filters every three months or as recommended by your manufacturer. 


Annual maintenance of your water heater should not be left to novices. You’ll want our team of experts at Godby to ensure optimal, safe performance of your water heater each winter. We can quickly perform diagnostics, draining, tune-ups, and other complicated maintenance tasks during a time that works for you. Performing regular maintenance on your equipment is usually required in order to keep your warranty valid.

If You’re Leaving Town

If you’re going out of town during the holidays, find a reliable house sitter who can check in on your property every day. Leave clear instructions for them to check your pipes and run your hot water for an extended period each day. Make sure they know where your main water shut off is, just in case.


If you’re planning on leaving town for an extended period, shut off the water in your home and completely drain your pipes. Water left in your pipes runs the risk of freezing and bursting. The damages will be upwards of several thousand dollars—Godby sees it all the time.


If you find anything suspect or worrisome while completing your seasonal maintenance, make sure you call our teams at Godby. Major and complicated repairs should be entrusted to professionals, not Youtube tutorials. Your family’s safety, peace of mind and financial well-being depends on it.

We’re here to help. Our experienced technicians can help you prepare and repair your home for winter today. Learn more by calling or texting us at  (317) 689-0237, or request an appointment here



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