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Furnace Repair- Use Godby’s Easy Button

Just like your car or your body, your furnace needs to be maintained to keep running efficiently. Sometimes when you think you need a furnace repair, it may be a problem that you can help solve yourself. No, you don’t have to be Bob the Builder or Bob Vila to keep your furnace running all winter long.

These days we lead busy lives and Godby knows that keeping up with your HVAC system may be getting pushed down on the priority list. When you have a job, family, kid’s activities and just about everything else gets done before you think about changing your filter or calling to schedule your furnace tune-up. The problem is that when these things get forgotten, your furnace can feel it.

Godby Heating Plumbing Electrical wants to help our customers be informed.  Here are five quick suggestions for you to check before you call Godby for a furnace repair: (download our printable version and post near your HVAC system)

  1. Is your main power on?
  2. Have any of your circuit breakers tripped and need to be reset?
  3. Check your air filter. Is it clean or does it need to be replaced? Replace it immediately, if needed.
  4. Check your thermostat. Is it set correctly? Check your temperature, fan and heat/cool switch and make sure your thermostat is working properly.
  5. Check your manual to see if it has any other trouble-shooting tips.

If you have gone through the list and your furnace is still working, then it is time to call Godby.

If you feel like you have dropped the ball keeping your furnace maintained, join Club Godby. We will call you to remind you when it is time for a tune up and get it scheduled. As a Club Godby member, you will receive priority scheduling, discounts on services and equipment and much more!

When it comes to maintaining your home let Godby be your easy button. One call to Godby gets you service on three trades- HVAC, plumbing and electrical!  All you have to do is remember, It’s Gotta be Godby!



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