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Mini Split

Whether you want to heat your home in the winter, or stay cool in the summer, Mini-Split systems will keep your home at the perfect temperature.

This inverter technology is a ductless mini split air system that enables you to condition the air in your home. It is the perfect solution for large families, because the energy-efficient technology allows you to easily zone your home. This multi zone system keeps every room at the ideal temperature.

Keep Cool with the Mini Split

The ductless mini-split air conditioner allows you to regulate the temperature in your home all year round. By utilizing both an outdoor and indoor unit, you can keep your home feeling comfortable during any season.

During the warm months, the indoor unit takes the warm air from your home and blows in over the unit’s coils. The coils have refrigerant that absorbs the heat and pushes it outside. The cool air is pushed back into your home.

During the colder months, the air conditioner heat pump uses outdoor air to heat your space. The outdoor unit pulls the heat from outside and moves it into your home.

These wall mounted units work seamlessly, so you will always feel comfortable in your own home.

Save Money with the Efficient System

Since the mini-split is designed as a multi-zone heating and cooling system, you don’t have to waste money conditioning rooms you do not use.

For example, if you have a guest room, you can use this efficient heat pump system to warm the room when you have guests. However, when the guests are gone you can turn the mini split heat pumps off to save money.

With traditional air conditioning units, up to 30% of that expensive heated/cooled air is lost while traveling through ductwork. The ductless mini split system works only where you need it, so the conditioned air is not lost.

Breathe in Cleaner Air

Although mini split air conditioners utilize outside air, none of the outside contaminants will make their way into your home. Since the mini split does not utilize a duct system, it can use a filter to catch and remove contaminants in your home’s air.

This unique filtration system will remove contaminants that affect your allergies and respiratory system. Since this does not act as a central air system, it can also stop the spread of illness between your children’s rooms.

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