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Switches and Plugs

Some electrical fires happen because of problems in house wiring or appliance failure, but many occur due to mistakes that homeowners make like overloading electrical outlets or extension cords. The months with the most electrical fires are December and January due to increased use of heating appliances and lights.

Modern living has meant we use more and more electrical appliances in the home. For instance, just 20 years ago the average U.S. home had a hi-fi system and one TV or video player, whereas today it is more likely that there are at least two TVs, a DVD player, a satellite receiver, games console, microwave and computer, so the risk of electrical accidents in the home is much higher than before.
At some point in a home’s life, installing new receptacles, switches, and light fixtures will be a good idea. The originals may be out of fashion, but they also wear out regardless. The homeowner replacing outlets and switches without a glitch is rare. Since replacing outlets correctly relies on making new connections, it is better to leave it to a professional. More than one electrical item may fail to work as a result of a single mistake.

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