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Maybe you’ve head the terms mini-split or ductless system thrown around. Maybe you’ve actually seen one, but haven’t taken the time to see what they are all about. Here is a Reader’s Digest version giving you a brief description of what exactly they are.

What is a mini-split? A mini-split is a ductless heating and cooling unit. A mini-split allows you to control the temperature of your home’s rooms and spaces. Each one has its own outdoor compressor, which is smaller than a traditional HVAC compressor and on indoor air handler.

What does ductless mean? A mini-split is separate from your traditional HVAC system. It uses its own compressor, which is ducted to its own air handler. This system can be put in however many rooms you need it. It can be used on its own or as an addition to a traditional HVAC system.

Where does the air handler go?  Most people who have seen a mini-split know it as a large white box that hangs on the wall. There are many different options now. The air handlers can be wall mounted or floor mounted, but there are also the options of a ceiling cassette and horizontal-ducted.

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